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  1. Oh and by the way, you're facebook is an absolute travesty. Its never acceptable to put selfies up but to have 3 of them as you're profile picture is just embarrasing.
  2. thats spot on mate.. thanks!
  3. I'm not even sure where this has come from or why. But whatever
  4. Ive wanted it since I was in school and it's gonna be small and concealed anyway. dont even need to justify myself to be honest I'm just after a decent photo to draw from.
  5. Morning guys, Im after a picture of a tensile crank (the one with the indents that used to chew every ones ankles) with a screw on cog and no bashguard - from straight on if possible. If anyone has anything on their computer or in their garage i would really appreciate it! or any cranks that look similar, its for a tattoo design. Thanks a lot. Forgot to say, with the pedal on still aswell! thankyou
  6. making the change from black primark school socks to uniqlo/M&S luxury cotton socks was probably one of the most life changing things ive ever done
  7. Why isn't it? He's a qualified physio who's been known to help many high level trials riders and is always very happy to help for free over the phone/ on chat...
  8. Theres a guy who used to be on here called Simon Lord, I know hes helped a lot of riders with injuries in the past and when I damaged my heels last year he called me off facebook and was able to give me a pretty good diagnosis based on photos and stuff, might be worth giving him an add on facebook before you shell out on a physio or something..
  9. Ever broken your collar bone?
  10. Two wet trainers would probably weigh less than a pair of jeans mate.... I usually just do it with a normal load so they arent bouncing around in there.
  11. mate its genuinely the hardest, most degrading process ive been through. Spending a day on an application to get a rejection within hours. stick it out, email smaller boutique firms and then make sure you smash the interview (best way of prep is to download their last few annual reports and try and find out who they ''want to be'' etc.), i managed to get a work exp. placement with a pretty large uk bank this summer which led onto a few weeks paid and then finally a grad scheme offer for next year. the pay and perks have made that all worth it already mate.. and if you have to, lie.
  12. brilliant thanks mate, ill give it a go.
  13. cool thanks mate ill give that a try, go up in those 5 minute intervals or just what feels ok? And what would you say about how often to train? I was planning on carrying on at the gym 3 times a week (no cardio) and running outdoors twice, with an HIIT skipping session one morning aswell. Timewise i could fit all that in plus a sprint session but do you think that would be taking on too much? could swap the skip for sprints.