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  1. they look like Monster T's
  2. Intense M6, soon to be a 951
  3. I'm not tarnishing the rest of cycling, just road racing , the stupid thing is, is that when you're in the industry its a well known fact that everyone is involved in it, voluntry o not... meh
  4. sorry for the bump, but this is a subject that really gets on my tits, 98% of profesional and a large proportion of amateur road racers are all on something, everyone in cycling is aware of it, they're all hypocrites, Armstrong was the best in his generation, as was cipollini, as was Merx as was Belmontes, Indurain, all of them had a bit of extra "help". this is an old fasioned witch hunt, nuff said..
  5. i'm sure in their snow range they have it aswell, it's a pretty good idea so i don't see why they haven't used it on other products yet
  6. is that not what the new 661 guards have? or something similar, i remember thinking that someone should invent a polymer like this when i saw that thing on blue peter where they ran across a paddiling pool full of what i think was wheat starch mixed with water or something
  7. why do you have a pair of boobies in a tray under your screen?
  8. i use alcohol, the stuff you buy to disinfect shizzle, then to get them off i use a syringe and needle... works a treat and dries in no time...
  9. Just talk to her about it, let her know that you don't want to push her into anything and give her a bit of time, she'll come round in the end, and will have big respect for you for not taking advantage of a rebound situation
  10. what do you call a donkey with three legs? Wonkey!
  11. from personal experience the best thing to do is go into the bank, talk to the bank manager, and sort out a way of paying it back monthly, if you don't do anything, they'll put you on a blacklist, you wont be able to get any type of credit, loan, phone contract ect, to be honest, its not a large amount of money (in the eyes of a bank) so i think you should be able to do something about it before they take leagal action. i would imagine that they have you localized, all they have to do is look on the social security to find out who's emplying you. so your best bet is to man up and go personallyinto the bank, don't worry, they wont bite your head off
  12. centrelock? as used on shimano, dt swiss and other highly know companies.
  13. if you want cheap, try Andorra, right between france and spain, the good thing about Andorra is that you don't have to pay tax on anything, so all the gear and stuff is usually 20% cheaper than anywhere alse, and you have a large variety of slopes. you can also visit the french alps from there and if you wish, drive to spain! i'm living in Barcelona and it's only a 3hr drive from here!
  14. hahahha, you see what i mean ! they always come back with some random excuse!