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  1. .

    I'll come with a couple of others if im not busy
  2. Gutted
  3. It managed to break doing a 360 tap (no idea how it broke this way). Think I'll get the mt5. They look like they will hold up to be honest.
  4. Okay I thought that. What would be the best caliper to get then? I can't find anywhere that just sells the mt7 caliper by itself? So I may just get another saint caliper.
  5. I've been looking at the hope v4 caliper and the hope E4. Would either of these work/be any good? Because I've never heard of the E4 and the V4 has only recently been released.
  6. Okay so I have a problem. Just today I have broke my second saint m820 caliper and now I am in need of a new one. What would be the best caliper to buy as I don't want another saint one. I am running a 203 mm saint rotor too. And the new caliper will be bled with the saint lever.
  7. Okay man. Sounds good!
  8. Cool. I'm in Reedness just up from old goole.
  9. Pm'd
  10. i'm near Goole if you know where abouts that is.
  11. I'm not really into the look of having super chunky pedals so I think I am going to go for the inspired team pedals as they look good and I have not heard of anyone breaking a pair.
  12. Just shelled out on this beast. It's a smok x cube 2 with a sense cyclone tank.
  13. So today I managed to snap one of my try all pedals. Was wondering what pedals I should go for as I don't think I will be using the try all ones again. Need something strong and not too expensive. Ps. I ride Street so preferably platform pedals.
  14. I'm not far from Hull. So bridlington is a bit far.
  15. Any trials riders in East Yorkshire? Was thinking about doing a ride sometime this week and was wondering who would be interested.