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  1. I've had the very sad realization today that i'm probably going to give up trials riding. i dislocated my left shoulder April 2016 from f**king up a large gap. and i've dislocated my shoulder 3 times since then. i had shoulder stabilization surgery 2 weeks ago and am healing well. before i f**ked it up, i was weight lifting every day, eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting confident with my body.
  2. if your windows are fixed, have you thought about a sliding vent in the window? something like this: Personally i think it'd look more in place than a roof scoop
  3. You know it's an epic bump when the last picture has windows live messenger in the toolbar!
  4. I've done quite a few cambelts, and you dont need any special tools 90% of the time. Turn the engine over to tdc, lock all the pulley's in place, old belt off, new belt on, tension, remove all locking pins, turn it over a few times and check everything still lines up, then job done. You dont even need the correct locking pins to be honest. they're usually 4/5/6mm, so as long as you find something which fits tight in the hole (wheyyy! ) drill bits, allen keys, ect all work a treat.
  5. Aurora is literally the top of my bucket list! well jealous On other news, had my first experience of VR today, was bloody epic!
  6. Completly out of the blue today, got a decent pay rise!
  7. Wasnt there something a while back you was going to lash up, and had half the forum telling you to do it properly? Maybe he means that....
  8. They're Lamba sensors in the exhaust. Narrowband will tell you if the mixture is correct, rich or lean. Wideband will give you an actual air/fuel mixture number
  9. @Adam@TartyBikes Do i remember you saying its because braided hoses use a smallier I.D, so theres more resistance?
  10. Prevent it from cracking, they always go there
  11. Rust within a certain distance (think its generally 6 inches) of structal point need to be welded , ifs things like wheel arches, then you can tape them (no sharp edges for people to cut their hands on)
  12. When people have too much time on their hands....
  13. Doesn't give massive amount of information, but does give you a break down of what the serial number means
  14. Did some work on the shitcelica today. first job was to drill out the snapped arb mount bolt. Center punched it, then went through larger and larger drill bits. I center punched it slightly off, so when the drill hole got close to the threads, i tried to collapse the remains of the bolt. The first decent hit with a hammer tore all the tack welds off the nut. I ended up cutting the end of the mount off, which is big enough to get a 13mm nut in there. I decided to press the rear lower arm front bushes in. MK4 front caliper carriers were perfect shape as spacers! Things were going well, so i decided to look at why it's always been difficult to fill up the fuel tank. It felt like there was a blockage in the filler neck, so i took the rubber joining hose off from between the tank and the filler neck. That explains a lot! it looks like there was a plastic hose reducer/expander in the fuel line. (f**k knows how it got there!) Behind it is a plastic valve, which as far as i can tell it seems to work as an anti-siphon device and fuel baffle. Dropping off all the suspension bushes to @Alex Dark to get them machined down to work correctly, and picking up the new sub frame Friday. Finally some decent progress