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  1. Sorry I’m away from a laptop and I can’t get the video up! Basically the free hub driver binds up when I tighten up the wheel? It doesn’t bind completely, and would seem to operate as usual but I just can’t work out what’s causing it!?
  2. iPhone video? Help!?
  3. I’ve never noticed this before...? had it from new, low mileage, tried on multiple frames, fixed and adjustable dropouts. And now I’ve opened up the drive side and cleaned, greased checked everything is there, including the 1mm washer!? Everythings in order! I always pinch the drive side first when fitting the wheel, and then alternate to tighten her up! Not what’s shown the video, that’s just to make it clear Any ideas? Cheers 754AB2FC-604F-498C-97FD-5F25258D9F64.MOV
  4. Sorry, didn’t intend to abandon the thread! Thanks for comments guys but I’ve got something sorted... who knew?! 135mm and 150mm off the bloody shelf!
  5. Nice one mate!
  6. Does anyone know who or where this is kind of work could be done in the UK? Cheers!
  7. Wow......! they really have nailed it this time! Satin pewter blue.... very very nice! and the old black forks trick with the Arcade! I Love it..
  8. In my defence!!
  9. Thankyou Ali, having just opened the box I can confirm that you are indeed correct!.. and that I am indeed a fool
  10. I know someone's tried it, It's an expensive mash up, but will it be worth it?
  11. Cheers Mark, this frame is starting to distract me from getting my Arcade back on the road. Do you think it would be to big a leap for someone rapidly approaching 40
  12. What 'normal' trials fork would you suggest for such a beast!?
  13. Any news? or have I just missed it?
  14. Thanks Mark, sounds like fun! I'll give it a go.
  15. Hi, I'd really appreciate some advice on making a bb mounted bash for these cranks (Ali) if it does the job, then it will do for me! Cheers