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  1. Im dave been a member for 4 years but havent posted much. Currently ride a ddg shooter and in the process of building a saracen team mad trials bike
  2. Thanks for the help will order one up
  3. Ive recently picked up an old school saracen team mad trials frame forks and bars and i know the bottom bracket is a 68mm but i dont know what length spindle it would have had when originally built. I know the bash plate below the bottom bracket is a 100mm wide. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. I did mine few days ago using a barbed fitting from tarty bikes cost a quid.a short length of pipe from a fish tank air pump i had spare and a 100ml syringe from ebay cost 1.60 i put a couple syringe fulls of water through the system first too flush it and then another syringe full through to fill the system up amd the brakes are fine with a real nice lever feel Here is my homemade bleed kit on top the tool box and the second pic shows my old magura blood mixed with water that was flushed out the ĺ
  5. I find it ok to ride. I can do a few basic moves atm but working on getting good. Next on list is hopping on back wheel
  6. Reflectors are being removed. They was only fitted so i could take part in a charity ride several years ago and had to be fitted so i could take part. Im also waiting for my brother to send me my magura boosters hes spraying up for me
  7. Here is my recently serviced and rebuilt ddg shooter. Cleaned up the 12/23t rear cassette Fitted new 22t 5 arm front chainring Fitted new 8speed chain ( from wilkinsons) Cleaned and re greased the headset New gear cable Replaced jockey wheels and refurbished tiagra rear deraileur Resprayed the front forks matt black Stripped.the shimano stx rc shifter and refurbished. Added puncture slime to the presta valve innertubes Things left to Bleed magura hs33's
  8. Ideal thankd guys will give it a go amd see how i get in
  9. Has anyone replaced any of the internal parts of a 2004 magura lever with the red tpa dial on. If so how did you strip it apart.
  10. I lost a magura evo d shaped washer so replaced it with a plastic drink bottle top drilled to fit. And pumped pint of milk into my tubes for a cheap punture repair slime
  11. Fair play mate. I wont hold it against you. Even though ive had my ddg shooter for about 10 years plus got it when it was a week old in the shop for 280 quid im only now learning about the 2004 magura set up on it
  12. Okay. Was just a thought as i think a hs33 lever i have is on the way out. Amd cant seem to find a replacent as its a raceline one from 2004 with the red turn screw.for pad adjustment
  13. Dot fluid would kill magura hs33s. Ive seen online people usin lhm+ and thought y not its a lot cheaper and u get more bleeds.
  14. If im right in thinking the hs11 and h33 use the same size piston in the brake lever. Does that mean that the hs33 lever blade will bolt onto a hs11
  15. I know that lhm+ fluid is the same oil magura use only difference is that it does not have the blue or red dye in it and is a lot cheaper per litre