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  1. Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Aviators park, August 13-14, 2016
  2. Sukhanov and Ibragimov recently train less. They also have not arrived to this competition for family reasons. Winner in elite 26" is Denis Rybkin (Krasnodar)
  3. The Cup of Russia 20" (+ 26" unofficial) Russia, Rostov-on-Don 7-8 of May 2016 winners in elite men: 1. Vantsev Armen (Samara) 2. Borisevich Pavel (Samara) 3. Karabadzhan Arthur (Moscow)
  4. Performance in Rostov golf club and riding along the river "Don":
  5. This past weekend we had a small gathering of cycling trials. It went on the playground in Krasny Sulin Rostov region (Russia). We tried to create good conditions for training and competition there. I propose to look a little dynamic trailer of this event:
  6. First All-Russian competitions this season: