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  1. I'll pop some up this week. Hopefully finished Wednesday... but it's gonna look pretty similar to the Skye, so full credit to Andy and his awesome colour choices
  2. As I loved Andy's Skye so much I decided to have a crack at this with my fourplay. I've just finished polishing and clear coating the frame. Forks need doing and then it's time to reassemble and decide on decals. I'll post some pictures if anyone's interested
  3. Used G forms myself, great pads. Get a size too big and you won't have the tightness issue, and they still fit snug. Protection isn't as good as other pads, but you hardly notice you're wearing them. skatehut have them on sale atm:
  4. What a beautiful bike. I really like the gold. Who makes the gold parts? Is that brand-x?
  5. Some really good tips there. Thanks guys.
  6. lol Dan. I guess that's one way to stay injury free. Thanks JJ/tom, I've been taking it steady so far. My first two weeks I've just been working on my basics. Got the backhops now, and pedal kicks are coming along. But I've just started dropping and side hopping off walls and figured I should take it easy. No slips yet, but I think I've got my fivetens to thank for that. I'm guessing the bigger risks start to come with gaps
  7. Firstly, I understand that avoiding injury completely is impossible and that when riding, injuries will be inevitable. But I'm looking to do everything I can to reduce the chance of injury. I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor by day. So it's vital for me to stay free of serious injuries to make a living (bumps, bruises and cuts aren't an issue). I currently wear a helmet and gloves, as well knee and shin pads every time I ride. I also do everything I can to warm up before riding and to stay flexible. But as a newer rider what I'm looking for is some advice from people with more experience. Perhaps on which tricks to avoid, or things to be particularly careful with. Or any general tips on keeping free from serious injury. As always, I'm very grateful
  8. Thanks niconj. I'll give those a try next.
  9. Thank you. Picked up some organic Aztecs from eBay. I'll give them a shot
  10. Just wondered if anyone had any advice on which pads work well with Saint 820's? I've had a search through the forums, but most the posts seem to be several years old. What are people currently running? Cheers guys!
  11. Thanks bing, I ended up getting a little upgrade today. An inspired fourplay - from one of the members here. So it's not quite so urgent now But I'm gonna finish sorting out the Onza as it'll be good to know, and good to get the experience. I'll have another play with the brakes tomorrow, if I can't sort them I'll post some pictures of the setup. Again, thanks for your time guys.
  12. Thank you both. Really appreciate that. Parts arrive tomorrow so the bikes coming back out and hopefully i'll get it sorted. I'll let you know how i get on. Thanks again!
  13. So just bought my first trials bike! An onza blade for £190. its in good nick so think I got a good price. It had a tensile tug on the back instead of a bolt in the frame. Wasn't quite sure what a tug was, but wondered how long it would last. Took the bike for a spin, first back hop "Snap." Bummer. But on that short ride I noticed the brakes were slipping. So jumped on tartybikes and chainreaction. Picked up a new bolt, some heatsink yellows, welgo flats and an evo2 booster. hopefully that'll fix up the rear brake, but I'm wondering what I can do for the front brake? It's an onza wired disk brake, 180m rotar. Is there some checks/adjustments I can peform? Thing I should look for? Cheers in advance!