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  1. If you've got balance you should ride your bike on a slackline! ... right? The snow chased us indoors last weekend so we tried the slackline again, but almost twice as long this time at just over 25 feet! it was Way harder! and regular trials stuff too. http://youtu.be/okGyBN94w6A
  2. It is unique with the big "street" area. There is a huge "vert" section too but it's well beyond my skill level.
  3. I don't see anything from this side of the pond so I thought I'd share a bit. https://youtu.be/b-UIFBYaEBg
  4. so to piggyback... here is my perspective of what happened between the two videos already posted here
  5. Yeah with them closer to level its maybe more controlled but that extra crank back seems to get an extra inch or two. I'm still trying to get sidehops from the rear. I'd love any advice!
  6. Thanks! I'd be more than happy to have someone to ride with.... and my brakes haha. They work pretty well, 3-4 months since the last grind, the initial bite is a bit sketchy sometimes but hold is great and the front has reasonable modulation. I have been considering and putting off a fresh grind (tnn lgm the green pads, awesome pads) but I love that they're quiet.
  7. My newest bit of foolery here in the high desert of New Mexico. http://vimeo.com/152852791
  8. another of me. http://vimeo.com/142033353
  9. another go at it haha.
  10. yes, Albuquerque, NM, usa. and about camera placement.... yeah haha, was hoping to get the long line of it.
  11. more in the 7 to 10 inch range around here. of course I'll make an edit, regret my newbieism extra now though that I've never seen such before.
  12. I got in front of a camera this weekend and here's how it went
  13. I've been using some single lock grips from LBS- and like you I was skeptical due to surviving crappy grips before. turns out they are great! I've worn the rubber off the very outside ends and otherwise still going strong. they are not super thin (almost ergo ish with a thicker middle) sorry I can't remember the brand name.