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  1. Sorry about that, I think the Someone in Bristol was blasting music, should’ve turned those clips down...
  2. Lots of progress this summer. I feel like I’ve turned the corner from “complete amateur” and have levelled up to “middle of the road average” This is so I can bookend that. theres a video I’ve always wanted to make since the day I started riding, and instead of the lines being pipe dreams, now they feel more like realistic goals.... one day. anyway, hope you like. More of a compilation I guess. Vimeo because YouTube are being dicks again.... cheers
  3. cheers mark, this is my 4th time doing it, first 3 years of uni were peppered with similar bullshit stories... least the people i chose to live with have been proven at this point
  4. Should definitely ride 26” more often. Like, maybe just once when I’m there rad
  5. 1 week to go until i move in to my new place with my two best mates, and we get the text "sorry, the landlord has let the house to someone else, suck a dick, farewell"- bearing in mind we had signed a contract, paid deposit, paid first months rent. COMPLETELY illegal move. university lawyers on the phone, etc. basically: youre in the right, you can fight it, take them to court, but it wont be resolved in a week, and if you win the case and get legal fees reimbursed, the landlord and agency will now despise you and make life as difficult as possible for you. cue some next level househunting, with the added pressure of not wanting to be rushed into something shit because we've got no time. and phone calls to sort out compensation for potentially paying more for elsewhere. sorted now, but f**k me, not what i needed. in my naivety i didn't realise agencies would screw you over like that. anyway. needed to rant. see some of you in bristol this sunday i hope.
  6. I think your riding is the best example of trials. You can literally ride on anything. That bike can do ramps, dirt, street, rocks, doesn’t matter, can ride on all of it- and do some of the filthiest lines. Love it. Makes me want to ditch the long bike and just get an all rounder. Really appreciate the videos.
  7. That front/rear tyre slap up the stairway made me grin
  8. i'm afraid i've had this problem, i switched back to my pro2 which has been going for years. pro4 just stripped out randomly. was really strange. gave no indication it was going. I literally have breadsticks for legs, so i wouldn't say youre the problem, but the hub. I rang Hope and theyre aware of the issue, but wouldn't replace it or even sell me a hubshell. was a bit of a bummer.
  9. i dunno what it is about white handlebars, but whenever i see them i think brakeless bike doesnt look too bad that
  10. Yeah he started riding again recently, still got it!!
  11. he takes off so far back on some of those gaps i flinch involuntarily. such a "huck it" style. great
  12. bump because this really needs a bump. 4:30 onwards might just be, in my opinion, the best segment of a TGS video ive seen. its on vimeo, as the youtube one was taken down:
  13. Cool!!
  14. Apologies as always for the brutally shite filming job by me in a couple of these. I’m ashamed.