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  1. the lab i used to develop my film has shut. can anyone recommend a decent film lab that does medium format?
  2. thanks mark. there's not really any clips where i'm actually doing any moves that i'd consider big for me, and as Flipp knows i was quite anxious id not really got any of my "big" riding in there. battling rain/snow/ice every time i could if he has the little tyres that could, i have the big slicks that couldnt.
  3. thanks dude
  4. This was fun to be a part of making the best of shite lockdown situations.
  5. for some reason, this for me. bersha always seems to be on it with music choices. that, or really liked this. im a bit weird with music though. probably not popular choices.
  6. Charlie is a unit. For the clips with the bars forward, I’m hidden in the background somewhere. It’s all ridiculous. First try for quite a lot of it, and even when it isn’t it’s still a “make”. So consistent.
  7. What the f**k? He made that look like it was a sloped wall...
  8. What the f**k? He made that look like it was a sloped wall...
  9. @isitafox can you deal with these scammers/ point them out to someone who can? Been a few lately <3
  10. its delicious. on a side note related to the topic: anyone who openly supports Donald Trump. and there are a lot of people who do (a large part of america, for example!) . scrolling through social media and political commentaries get me really angry/depressed. i think to myself i'm a terrible person for judging these people so much, but no matter what i do, there is nothing about that lying, sex offending, racist, murdering scumbag that i believe any good person can possibly like. i try and console myself that they've been fed false information or something, but... yeah. keeps me up at night. a lot of the time. we're going to hell in a hand basket, for sure.
  11. on second watch neils is just daft in comparison. i got nuthin.
  12. Joacim's taps are more of a frenchie, not a tap. he's hitting the top of the wall, not the front of it. think its more efficient for comp use. how big was kyles one in coventry behind the gym? that wall is pretty darn sizeable and slightly over-vert. only other one that springs to mind is one of porters ones. but i dont think its as big.
  13. yes.
  14. i believe this is also an L! i might have that off you at some point as id like a spare! drop me a dm
  15. at 38:40, jays frontflip flair. hes not the first to do it, but he documented the leaning process and his arethe most stylish imo. blows my mind everytime.