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  1. ill be there. went to radfest this year too. coming from the leamington/coventry area. see you there.
  2. trialshop.pl. a polish trials website, gives you the option to change to english. prices are good, shipping is good, parts they stock are also good. good alternative just in case theres a part you cant get from the usual shops. i got my trialtech Carthy rim from there when everywhere here were out of stock.
  3. facebook is cancer, but like mentioned the tarty rider finder has been really helpful. theres a few other rider pages too, admittedly some just end up being sale pages. also, instagram. i met most of the people i ride with through instagram. i know its not your thing, but if you solely use it just to find riders, could be a good thing. i feel the biggest thing here is that hoping youll bump into someone/ scouring the forums is now the outdated way of doing things- as sad as that may be to some. modern social media seems to be where its at. youll get a lot of nay sayers, especially on here, but seriously, id have never met 1/3rd of the people i have without it. wish you luck sir. im travelling up that way soon, ill give you a text if you dont mind riding with me
  4. most of the newer onzas are really good starter bikes. i can speak for a large portion of newer trials riders who all started on one. i have a friend who started on a ska, was a good little bike. good to get the basics down. a very different geometry to the zoot though, the ska is more of a traditional comp geometry, where the zoot is more street. (more stable on two wheels, feels shorter, slightly steeper and higher front end) but, the ska is a perfect lead in bike to then change to something more preferable down the line after the basics are figured out.
  5. took this in london. could not be arsed to PS the umbrella out. wide lens is wide. do like a good Samyang...
  6. cheeky throwback
  7. Pretty sure he’s on a grey one now, maybe if you ask really nicely for his old one...
  8. intro is a little bit imaginate, but a lot of the lines in this are seriously creative. Defintely one to watch.
  9. Well im glad I got to ride it before it went
  10. liverpool docks!
  11. nope, trialtech sports/ rockman spades on the 24" front end. i did give carbon a go but i snapped them.
  12. stupid question, surely. always make a cheeky vid
  13. Lovely, I’d like one myself
  14. i request a deadline extension. poor effort from everyone. ill have a go.