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  1. That front/rear tyre slap up the stairway made me grin
  2. i'm afraid i've had this problem, i switched back to my pro2 which has been going for years. pro4 just stripped out randomly. was really strange. gave no indication it was going. I literally have breadsticks for legs, so i wouldn't say youre the problem, but the hub. I rang Hope and theyre aware of the issue, but wouldn't replace it or even sell me a hubshell. was a bit of a bummer.
  3. i dunno what it is about white handlebars, but whenever i see them i think brakeless bike doesnt look too bad that
  4. Yeah he started riding again recently, still got it!!
  5. he takes off so far back on some of those gaps i flinch involuntarily. such a "huck it" style. great
  6. bump because this really needs a bump. 4:30 onwards might just be, in my opinion, the best segment of a TGS video ive seen. its on vimeo, as the youtube one was taken down:
  7. Cool!!
  8. Apologies as always for the brutally shite filming job by me in a couple of these. I’m ashamed.
  9. They’ll be fine. People are using much higher bars nowadays.
  10. That looks awesome.
  11. Was waiting to see it posted here, any bersha video with a woodju song gets me hyped to ride. Really liked this one @Bersha91
  12. I rode the wave of happiness that my foot wasn’t mangled after launching itself into the floor and went for it again
  13. Considering I’ve been riding 6 years, I’m still very shit, but trials is as fun as ever. Here’s a new edit. Some lines got away from me. I’ll get them next year. Short and sweet. Thanks to Flipp for holding a camera for a lot of this. Merry christmas.