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  1. I use the comas bars rolled forwards, they’re comfy. Wasn’t sure at first, but it keeps my wrists less twisted and actually feels pretty nice. So I’ll keep using them
  2. but no, still havent found a reason that it moves. dont want to buy something just for something like this lol
  3. I’ve not been taken, but I feel like when I look at it, it looks back.
  4. i thought so, but the times are inconsistent.... happened again last night. was around 11. just came in from riding now, will report back tomorrow now im looking out for it.
  5. For the past few months, every day, without fail, hours after putting it there, my bike will roll forwards a couple centimetres. I’ll be in bed, it’s by my window- and sometime around 9/10pm, I’ll hear the very distinctive hope hub ratchet around 2/3 clicks. With no exceptions. It’s leant against my wall a different way every time, it’s been used that day at a different time each day, and yet it still does it. Genuinely freaks me out a little bit. Anyone ever have something similar?
  6. Ross "seller's cellar" McArthur....
  7. alex rides a jealousy, so id guess its the 12mm bolt through...
  8. I was going for a “the one that got away” vibe. Didn’t want to end up seeing people posting pictures of their own bikes, going “this was my dream bike, so I got one!”
  9. he's had a yellow one, currently on the black n' purple.
  10. theres this rider who very, VERY occasionally rides with me who has one of these, with dual Vee brakes. id never seen one until then its cool
  11. i came onto the scene well after the boxx, but as simon would say, its a yes from me.
  12. I’m talking more about iconic bikes from videos that you desperately yearned for, despite the fact they could’ve been garbage, and also not the type of bike you’d ever want to ride, but something about them made you want to chuck your bike in the nearest bin and go get one. I’m expecting some oldies on here. top three for me I’d say: 1. Ali’s golden rim’d arcade. I’m not known to be the biggest ali fan, but the inspired arcade video this was in is one of my all time favourite videos, when it came out I had it on repeat.when I went to tartydays for the first time, this bike was also in the video from the year before and I would watch it all the time, all nervous to go meet real riders. 2: Flipp’s Marino from his welcome to tartybikes video and clean2. If I remember right, the geo was all wrong and it wasn’t particularly nice, but the welcome to tartybikes Video is the reason I went brakeless. 3: TRA’s Echo 24”, in particular with the short stem on it. f**k me he could throw that thing about. Made me want one so bad- still kinda do. funny how none of these are remotely similar to the style of bike I ended up sticking with (mostly)
  13. Thank you to whoever put that online.
  14. as above, i live in coventry centre so theres loads of street spots for me. some fairly random rocks littered about too