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  1. good. the second hand market is cheap these days, youd be able to get a pretty top spec bike for that sort of money.
  2. @aener
  3. yes shub!
  4. i think i can speak for a lot of people when i say i had an onza at one point i had a 4 onza limeys, loved them. a lot of 20" onzas can be a realy bad spec though, look for hydraulic brakes etc or post them in this thread if you arent sure. advice wise, start off with basic balance moves first, it will help in the long run. im based in coventry
  5. hey man, im in the west midlands, where abouts are you? first thing you need to decide is which wheel size to go for, 20, 24, 26. 20s are good to start on as theyre nice nd bouncy and twitchy, teach you a lot of things. would suit your height too.
  6. got any pictures of it?
  7. cheers man, my sidehops have completely wandered off though... any tips?
  8. Front disc you can modulate more, with a front magura it’s just on-and-Off, with a disc you can drag it which means things like stoppies and different sorts of manoeuvring become available. Smoother too. Downsides are it’s marginally heavier, you have a disc that can be hit and bent on rocks, and it’s not as direct feeling as a magura which locks the rim, whereas disc locks the hub so you get some flex. All these are tiny niggles though, go for disc, it’s f*king sick. Also the kloud is a better frame, I don’t know the bike specs but the kloud is stronger and better built.
  9. @ben_travis I now understand what you said to me about power and speed. Second ride on the inspired!
  10. Was waiting for this.
  11. the kloud is a great bike. not too extreme in either direction. nice and neutral.
  12. For me, that was a perfect mix of TGS and street, doing exactly what that bike was meant to do, be smack dead in between Bmx and trials. Trials stuff was great, bmx-y stuff was great, it was all great. Great great great.
  13. mine did this when the dust seal on the freehub body wasnt seated properly, i think similar to what was said above.
  14. so much style.... style like that only comes with power as crazy as his.
  15. yeah, theres a few. @Rebelistic will know more than me
  16. How I’ve been feeling on the bike lately summed up.
  17. The 180 bars are so blissfully casual, I love it
  18. rode in leicester today. snow, hail, rain despite a sunny forecast, f**ked my ankle, literally sucked balls at riding all day anyway, feel like i've lost a year of progression. train passengers angry at me having a bike, train conductors tried to kick me off at least 3 times. lectures at 9am tomorrow. not one of my best days
  19. Surprised it hasn't been posted, sorry if im cutting you up here @Bersha91 but i really enjoyed this, music was awesome too, love that song. posted a few days ago
  20. good point, i am still very much an amateur. ill look through my book of excuses and go with: im always drunk, looks fine to me.
  21. some from a night recently
  22. what he said^ upside down bars hurt wrists, lower stem, bars more neutral= yes.
  23. just ol’fashioned tgs today!