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  1. it is. if you like susanne, we need to ride bikes and discuss music
  2. i booked tickets to see my favourite singer next year. i don't think i've ever been this happy about something. she's quite niche, not many people know her in this country, but the tickets sell fast so i had about 6 notifications telling me when they went live. the experience of seeing and hearing someone in person when you've listened to their music on electronic devices for years i think will be... other worldly for me. the venue only sits 400 so i bought the tickets at warp speed
  3. love it
  4. i like them. those weights for a standard bike are ridiculous. i'm also a fan of you tarty guys keeping the bars at the neutral angle cables-shmables.
  5. @PiccolaAquila you're more likely to improve when riding with people of the highest level like them!
  6. i know you may think of this as sacrilege but id say get a seatless 24". flicky like a mod, long like a stock. (in general) and if you split your current bike ill take the bars
  7. hooks > no hooks. rail line was ballsy. music goes well as usual, the self styled filming with close cut frames and multiple big angles seems to compliment your some-would-say.. unusual music taste for edits (even though i like 'em). or maybe its because i started watching your videos when i started riding, so it just feels familiar yet progressive. who knows! big props
  8. czar have upped their game. that looks great.
  9. there are quite a few riders in glasgow as far as im aware? @Ross McArthur im sure you can name some?
  10. theyre both good starter bikes. wouldnt worry too much about the wheelbase if youre just starting, just with whatevers cheaper. bear in mind one has discs and one has maguras, so if youre quite rough be prepared to be bending some discs back into shape. that said, id personally go with the 221.
  11. i wouldnt worry about that, i ran 50 brakeless and the rim tape was fine with brakes on a big bike i run somewhere near 20-25 for all them bouncy stunts, yo.
  12. i get the feeling you dont follow the trials world too much anymore yes he still does, still competing at top level. and is still savage.
  13. saw that on Zoot_alors' insta "ignorance is bliss"
  14. i love how he has so much tuck he has to move out the way of the bike when he goes up stuff. his style hasnt changed, if not gotten better with age.
  15. Needs new forks but she still pretty.
  16. what tyre is every 26 rider seemingly using on the back? jitsie?
  17. theres a bunch of us riding sheffield fairly soon, its a good place to ride. hope to see you there.
  18. This one was just funny.
  19. can i be cheeky and ask what health problem you have? ive seen you mention it, and good luck with your surgery! you say its kept you off the bike but you ride far healther than most people by the looks of it! awesome stuff.
  20. had this off zach for a while now, a few changes but mainly as it was. first few days of riding it at the spacemonkey jam i rode like a newborn deer, but ive gotten used to it now. 7.9/8 kg not sure on the carbon forks, had a few people ride it and say theyve felt these be far worse, but if anyone has some alloys, hit me up. its stupidly light
  21. Been helping my dad rebuild his '69 BMW R60/2. I've just been doing some of the heavy manual labour, everything on it is his work. When he bought it it was rusty and dented, he's refurbished and redone every single part of this bike. Wheel rebuilds, had one of the cylinders re-machined to original spec due to extensive damage, hes constantly ordering OEM parts over from Germany, it really is a work of art and I can't wait to see it running again. It's also one of the first shaft drive I believe?
  22. This^ moves were similar, but he was playing a game of "how difficult can I make my setup" before flying over it anyway
  23. So much style...
  24. Made a video of zach from recent rides and a few of his own. Hope you enjoy! He's a machine.