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  1. facebook is cancer, but like mentioned the tarty rider finder has been really helpful. theres a few other rider pages too, admittedly some just end up being sale pages. also, instagram. i met most of the people i ride with through instagram. i know its not your thing, but if you solely use it just to find riders, could be a good thing. 

    i feel the biggest thing here is that hoping youll bump into someone/  scouring the forums is now the outdated way of doing things- as sad as that may be to some. modern social media seems to be where its at. youll get a lot of nay sayers, especially on here, but seriously, id have never met 1/3rd of the people i have without it. 

    wish you luck sir. im travelling up that way soon, ill give you a text if you dont mind riding with me

  2. 10 minutes ago, Gasmatt said:

    Hey everyone i new to the group....

    I am 45,ride motorbike trials and recently picked up a second hand Zoot to practice balance, LOVE IT lol haven't used motorbike for weeks ... But my question is my Ten year old has got right into trials in garden with me, at minute he using his mountain bike which obviously not ideal . Looking on flea bay i have found a Onza Ska which looks pretty nice, would this be a good starter for a Ten year old? I got no idea about geometry etc...

    Thanks for any advice 


    most of the newer onzas are really good starter bikes. i can speak for a large portion of newer trials riders who all started on one. i have a friend who started on a ska, was a good little bike. good to get the basics down. a very different geometry to the zoot though, the ska is more of a traditional comp geometry, where the zoot is more street. (more stable on two wheels, feels shorter, slightly steeper and higher front end) but, the ska is a perfect lead in bike to then change to something more preferable down the line after the basics are figured out. :) 

  3. 44 minutes ago, Ross McArthur said:

    20 years later and the bike only got slightly bigger.

    Really like this dudes moves. Enjoy that he's pedalling during lines too, its hard to make that look good.

    Wee things like the backwards hops down the stairs to side hop, side hop to wedge-front to back and the gaps down to front wheel swap 180s were cool.

    Really liking the look of his bike. Its making me want one!

    Pretty sure he’s on a grey one now, maybe if you ask really nicely for his old one...

  4. On 11/06/2018 at 8:47 AM, Shaun@FlawlessBikes said:

    Just seen this, aren't you running carbon forks now?

    nope, trialtech sports/ rockman spades on the 24" front end. i did give carbon a go but i snapped them.

  5. 3 hours ago, Ross McArthur said:

    Ahh, when my hair was long, spirit free and 5mm meant nothing. :P

    I remember the Ghz coming out and having 380 stays and being blown away. The double seat stay design was was ahead of its time. 

    Anyway, back on topic. To make a vid, or not to make a vid?

    stupid question, surely. always make a cheeky vid

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  6. the new model saints are a fair chunk weaker than the old m810s, if you put them side by side the calliper mounts on the new ones are thinner and also weaker, seen a few go. if you can find a pair of m810s in good condition (which is difficult) theyre still great by todays standards. 

    seen a bunch of people trying out the cheaper magura stuff, ive had a few friends break the levers in a incredibly short amount of time, which has put me off them a bit- i had the mt7 Danny macaskill special edition brakes and i was not impressed, the lever construction is poor, the seal on the calliper could be much more refined, i popped one of the lever pins out and thus lost a lever blade just by rolling around and pulling it normally. for the money you pay, the mt7s dont impress me at all.

    that being said, riders such as @Ali C use some of the other magura models and seem to get on with them really well- theres a lot of factors at play, so definitely consider them for sure. the other models have a lot more pad clearance too. 

    very few things can top an Avid bb7 with good pads, they may not be hydo- cool but my god do they work. everyone ive ever tried has been on par with any 4pot hydraulic brake. trialtech pads in there, instant winner.  you then obviously have to think about cable stretch and wrap etc but thats part of the parcel.

    sram/avid guides- they seem to work? heard some leakage issues? unsure. 

    cheaper shimanos like the deore are really quite good for the money.

    my personal favourite, the japanese specials-- ShiMaguras. shimano levers on magura callipers, some of them work together, and work really, really well. my friend Yoshinori Sumi had an XTR lever on a louise calliper and it was fantastic!!

    hope any of that madness helps. 

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  7. 49 minutes ago, bikeperson45 said:

    Dammit people, if this was a Sunday ride I was riding a few miles away. Cool video though, love a bit of the Bank area on the weekends

    It was a Sunday :( didn’t realise you were in London. Will hit you up next time 

  8. 7 hours ago, aener said:

    not stealth



    de-logo'd the frame ;) 

    the red was a compromise cuz it looked cool. smooth rims made much more stealthy-impact :P 

    ...from a distance, maybe. 


  9. 1 minute ago, crunch said:

    Thank you. 

    My concern was why are the mod riders still using front maguras, is it because the discs still aren’t up to the job. 

    Hopefully like you say the trials pads make the difference, as my hope tech 3 brakes on my mountain bikes would be a disapointment for trials for sure.  

    Personal preference, I’d say. If you’re concerned, watch this- and have no more doubts. :D 


  10. 13 minutes ago, crunch said:

    I’m looking at buying an inspired Skye team 24” which obviously is disc only for brakes. I’d like the hope I think rather than the magura  mt7


    All my other 20”  trials bikes have been magura rim brakes, and I loved their massive locking power. 

    In fact we used to tar our rims and made them incredibly sharp. 

    I’ve got discs on other mountain bikes and stuff and they’re good, but not that solid lock up the Maguras give on my trials bikes. 

    How good are the discs on the smaller 24” wheels? Will they reliably lock up solid? On my 29” they are certainly not as strong as a rim brake, but for mountain biking have obvious advantages.


    I see that even today on the world trials circuits not many riders are running discs. Most still have magura rim brakes. 


    just as good. locking is the same, difference is locking a disc and not a rim feels a little bit less direct because of spoke flex, but doesnt reeeaalllyyy matter.

    most competition mods nowadays use rear disc.

    works better in the wet, modulation (good for manuals and smooth control) hence why street bikes have them.

    26" comps dont because spoke flex on 26 is a lot more noticable,  maguras are more direct- and a little lighter, and also nothing to hit on a sidehop. more "accurate" id say. 

    tar on rims is pretty much a thing of the past now. 

    its all about what you use the bike for! trials pads in a disc brake can be as good if not better than rim brakes. 

    in fact, people have been using disc brakes on trials bikes for years- its nothing new. go for it :D 

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