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  1. Boing.
  2. Rode again after a weekend of not due to a broken bike. I was sitting in bed about two hours ago, wasted day, watched too many trials videos, and had to get out. Boy am I glad I did. Re-did some lines I haven’t done in yonks- And some new ones. In the dark. Was in complete send it mode. I really, really love it when that happens. Oh and the bike looks rad. Still slightly bitter about my disc brake dying on me though.
  3. its not obscene- its kriss kyle. we know what he's capable of, this video looks like he's holiding back, which puts a meh atmosphere on it..
  4. Flipp came down to ride the weekend gone, we rode Cov saturday and oxford sunday- couldnt be arsed lugging my camera around, so its just random phone clips 'twas a fun one. wasnt expecting the 20/30 turning up for the oxford stunts. shame we got kicked off pretty much everything. credit to John Shrewsbury for that rad second dropgap angle.
  5. i feel it needs white rims. looks good
  6. I found the key is constantly having a riding goal, no matter how good (or not) you may get- then everytime I see the bike I’m hyped to go try it
  7. Just walking into the shed and seeing my bike makes me tier 1 happy at the minute.
  8. been in and out of hospital over christmas. been able to ride since a couple days ago. waking up knowing i can ride my bike is making me f-ing hyped again. love it.
  9. Yes dude. Always good to hear, especially with ankles. That fear before the first ride is real.
  10. im still waiting for the chopstick, ive enquired a couple times. would be perfect for my bike in everyway. desperate to test one out. get em made!
  11. @Dan Jones almost got them figured out on this bike, any tips?
  12. really nice quality video. enjoyed it all the way through. interesting topic about the pedals too.
  13. @Shub can give you some insight
  14. was not expecting those bars looks good