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  1. Sweet, just added you back
  2. Sweet, just added you back
  3. went to ride the biketrial academy round 3 after a great time at round 2- offed myself on the saturday did a shoddy filming job instead. such a good time.
  4. Thanks for that dude
  5. So I’ve had a stiff neck for a bit, I did a gap where I got SuperBounced™ From a springy takeoff, stretched on landing and felt a twinge at the back of my neck. Wasn’t much of a problem- but I rode today (stupidly, without stretching properly) and fully f**ked it. Intense pain right between the shoulder blades that twinges all over the shoulders and up to the base of the neck when I move. Has anyone got tips for relief/management? Also, what warmup stretches should I do to specifically avoid this sort of injury happening again? Cheers guys.
  6. im no driving god, but theres some serious plebs on the online lobbies, as much as i like the sport races, id like some people to race with in the standard lobbies who wont intentionally yeet you off circuit. username is lemon_mp3 on a related note, anyone have a tuning setup for the nissan lmp1 car? handles like an absolute pig, i made it fairly driveable by adding a couple tenths camber, stiffening the rear end and adjusting brake bias but even though it now turns reasonably it still has zero traction in the low gears with full TCS i need some car setup wizard please
  7. you can never be sure, i have a 20" one in my attic- chainstays are long enough for a 26"
  8. some really cool stuff, wasn't keen on the constant return to looking directly into the lens but hey-ho. is it a trick of the light or is that a different bike? looks red for most of the shots.
  9. Dentboi.
  10. the very first thing i ever did was choose a foot, by pretending to fall over forwards and seeing which foot naturally came out first to stop me, and it was always my right. so i started riding with my right foot forward, and that was that. so i never have to ever think about my feet being "wrong" any way. i feel that was a good choice...
  11. That place looks awesome to ride, can I come visit?
  12. Awesome. That hook!!
  13. cheers dude
  14. doesnt really deserve its own thread, but i went out for a few hours in the morning for a solo stunt and filmed this
  15. incidentally, whats going on with those rear brake mounts?