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  1. im no driving god, but theres some serious plebs on the online lobbies, as much as i like the sport races, id like some people to race with in the standard lobbies who wont intentionally yeet you off circuit. username is lemon_mp3 on a related note, anyone have a tuning setup for the nissan lmp1 car? handles like an absolute pig, i made it fairly driveable by adding a couple tenths camber, stiffening the rear end and adjusting brake bias but even though it now turns reasonably it still has zero traction in the low gears with full TCS i need some car setup wizard please
  2. Sweet, just added you back
  3. Sweet, just added you back
  4. went to ride the biketrial academy round 3 after a great time at round 2- offed myself on the saturday did a shoddy filming job instead. such a good time.
  5. So I’ve had a stiff neck for a bit, I did a gap where I got SuperBounced™ From a springy takeoff, stretched on landing and felt a twinge at the back of my neck. Wasn’t much of a problem- but I rode today (stupidly, without stretching properly) and fully f**ked it. Intense pain right between the shoulder blades that twinges all over the shoulders and up to the base of the neck when I move. Has anyone got tips for relief/management? Also, what warmup stretches should I do to specifically avoid this sort of injury happening again? Cheers guys.
  6. Thanks for that dude
  7. you can never be sure, i have a 20" one in my attic- chainstays are long enough for a 26"
  8. some really cool stuff, wasn't keen on the constant return to looking directly into the lens but hey-ho. is it a trick of the light or is that a different bike? looks red for most of the shots.
  9. Dentboi.
  10. the very first thing i ever did was choose a foot, by pretending to fall over forwards and seeing which foot naturally came out first to stop me, and it was always my right. so i started riding with my right foot forward, and that was that. so i never have to ever think about my feet being "wrong" any way. i feel that was a good choice...
  11. That place looks awesome to ride, can I come visit?
  12. Awesome. That hook!!
  13. doesnt really deserve its own thread, but i went out for a few hours in the morning for a solo stunt and filmed this
  14. cheers dude
  15. incidentally, whats going on with those rear brake mounts?
  16. i was never a fan of the seatstays not joining the top tube, but i really like that. looks cool as f**k.
  17. if that the same as the kevlar sidewall one thats been around for a while (but i dont think you could purchase from a shop), its alright, i still got punctures, but a lot less than without the sidewall.
  18. Mr.Lazenby had good things to say about that tyre too
  19. They feel alright to me, but I mainly ride street- so I can’t give you too much of an in depth report on that. I’ve not personally had mine fold dangerously, If that helps.
  20. For me, the jitsie. I always thought it was a weight weenie/punctures every 5 mins sort of tyre, like the non-Kevlar Veeco tyre. Canadian Kevin was telling me how he’s had them since they were released with zero punctures, so I thought I’d give them a go- been super impressed. Super light, super grippy, and if you’ve seen the amount of dents in my rear wheel- not a single puncture, which is impressive. I had a slow punny in hull but I’m pretty sure I must’ve run over something unsavoury... plus, they’re not even pricey! Will be using them as standard from now on.You could be talking about street bikes, in which case, ignore all of that
  21. For the past few months, every day, without fail, hours after putting it there, my bike will roll forwards a couple centimetres. I’ll be in bed, it’s by my window- and sometime around 9/10pm, I’ll hear the very distinctive hope hub ratchet around 2/3 clicks. With no exceptions. It’s leant against my wall a different way every time, it’s been used that day at a different time each day, and yet it still does it. Genuinely freaks me out a little bit. Anyone ever have something similar?
  22. i have a mod frame in my attic and the stays are so long it could fit a 24 with some slight modification
  23. Charlie is f**king ridiculous. insane riding.
  24. lovely that.
  25. Ah! Also, mine was a pro2evo SS, Dave’s was a pro2 SS, and Flipp’s was a pro4 SS. So I believe josh is the only person to modify a pro4.