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  1. They’ll be fine. People are using much higher bars nowadays.
  2. That looks awesome.
  3. Was waiting to see it posted here, any bersha video with a woodju song gets me hyped to ride. Really liked this one @Bersha91
  4. Considering I’ve been riding 6 years, I’m still very shit, but trials is as fun as ever. Here’s a new edit. Some lines got away from me. I’ll get them next year. Short and sweet. Thanks to Flipp for holding a camera for a lot of this. Merry christmas.
  5. I rode the wave of happiness that my foot wasn’t mangled after launching itself into the floor and went for it again
  6. Sponsored by Nutella. Awesome watch.
  7. I’m talking more about iconic bikes from videos that you desperately yearned for, despite the fact they could’ve been garbage, and also not the type of bike you’d ever want to ride, but something about them made you want to chuck your bike in the nearest bin and go get one. I’m expecting some oldies on here. top three for me I’d say: 1. Ali’s golden rim’d arcade. I’m not known to be the biggest ali fan, but the inspired arcade video this was in is one of my all time favourite videos, when it came out I had it on repeat.when I went to tartydays for the first time, this bike was also in the video from the year before and I would watch it all the time, all nervous to go meet real riders. 2: Flipp’s Marino from his welcome to tartybikes video and clean2. If I remember right, the geo was all wrong and it wasn’t particularly nice, but the welcome to tartybikes Video is the reason I went brakeless. 3: TRA’s Echo 24”, in particular with the short stem on it. f**k me he could throw that thing about. Made me want one so bad- still kinda do. funny how none of these are remotely similar to the style of bike I ended up sticking with (mostly)
  8. 1: im so glad ali is on a hex. much prefer it to the smaller bike for how he rides it. 2: i didnt think Alis riding or Marks filming could evolve further, i was proven entirely wrong, compared to the last cardiff video- this was next level all round. yum.
  9. anyone got a song that they would say sums them up in one? im not talking about your favourite song, just one that you relate to in its entirety. ill update this when i think of one for me.
  10. Maybe Matt is too busy eating toast or something to post but here’s this
  11. Full disclaimer on below: my opinion doesn’t matter, he’s far better than I am etc. I was never a Fabio fan. I always thought his riding was kind of... plastic. It never interested me. Even though he would do the same things as say Ali for example, I would always prefer to watch Ali. And I still stand by that. however, that video was fantastic. There is a hell of a lot of work put into it, and Fabio has some serious balls for some of those lines. Even just the fillers were proper hucks. There’s the obvious corporate side of things which are a little annoying but the video itself overall was great. Much more riding focused than I was expecting. Big props to him.
  12. I didn’t realise quite how much of a “paint me like one of your French girls” pose I was sitting in. Also josh hair flip in time with music. The rest speaks for itself. That hook into the rolldown on that white bench thingy was tasty.
  13. Those sidehop tucks are awesome, full origami spec.
  14. I’ve seen him do it enough times, but that last hook to front was a genuine “what the f**k” moment for me.
  15. I want dual king hubs to annoy literally everyone.
  16. Tom’s got the skills.
  17. F1

    qualifying were a reet mess
  18. trialtech one (i presume is the carthy one) stays dead grippy even after a lot of use and is solid. as someone who rides foam grips, it properly shredded my hands, though. its so grippy it literally hurts. haha. im afraid i havent tried the jitsie one.
  19. Cheers dude! That means a lot!
  20. A little showcase of the natural stunts next to my house. That last one took a bit of doing, hopefully a proper edit soon.
  21. not sure why this wasn't posted yet. since i last saw him before radfest, jack has improved massively. some nice lines in this!
  22. as above. trials is really difficult. also, feel free to discard this as its very much personal opinion, but quantifying the riding when you're learning i think is a mistake. i dont know enough about how you ride, but when i was a beginner, it was never "2-3 times a week" "1-2 hours", it was intense frustration, not going inside until id progressed somehow, for however long, because it was fun. still is, although im still shite in comparison to some. you gotta put in the hours to progress early on, get that bike control. its not like going to the gym. it wont run like clockwork- just because youve ridden a certain amount doesnt mean youll be any better. (to an extent- more time on the bike is always a plus.) its a skill that takes a lot of effort, fails and crashing to progress. sorry if that seemed rude, i didnt mean bad by it. its good to see people getting into it regardless, keep at it! put some clips up in here so we can see and advise.
  23. i can put you in touch with some chaps in the oxford area if you like...