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  1. Chester Corney's barn.
  2. .
  3. exactly but the design of the rockmans you'd expect them to be a ot heavier but no.
  4. trialtech sl disc forks shit took me 2 months to snap them at the disc bracket. currently running the new rockman 7005's disc and they are 50grams heavier but they are signifiacantly bulkier and stiffer.
  5. mine snapped when i did drop t-two of a 4 stack of pallets, completlyey wasn't expecting it and could have been much worse, luckly i only came out with a grazed chin and elbow. id rather not ride than run them forks, p.s. my snapped ones look identical to yours wierd thing is i checked them the night before in that place as one of our loacol riders snapped them there a week or so beofer but ther were no cracks/stressmarks
  6. monty tyres, doesn't matter what modle. trialtech sl cranks, triatech sl forks, saint m810 brakes
  7. needs a longer wheelbase with that high bb, and chainsaty likwise, id say over 1020 wb and over 360cs also head angle needs to be 72 or 73
  8. if you want an obscure id go for a different geometry, somthing that hasn't been done much or at all so something like a 125 bb 375 chainstay 74 ha
  9. i think it was koxx who did it on a mod but whoever it was it looked really good
  10. this should be in trials bike chat not chit chat
  11. i always seem to round off my shimano bolts or some reason, maybe they're not steel, they're the ones which come standard with their rotors
  12. i had to check it worked for me by liking this :/
  13. loose rotor? or loose brake caliper, or maybe loose headset
  14. either i got a bad batch or they are utter shite! no offence. had them on a grind for half an hour practicing at home, wore down over half way, took them and and later i had a smooth rim so i tried them again, they lasted an hour at home then they sort of disintegrated. my sidewalls turned green, and it was in lumps like a rubber which you use to rub out pencil. EDIT. i have three sets and all completely different. 1 light and translousant 2, opaque and a very dark green, and 3, dark and transloughsant.
  15. monty brake spray, foam grips