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  1. Here you go, all i want is the maggies off it.. You can have all the rest for silly cheep... freewheel is SL108 click.
  2. Yo. I can help you here... i've got an onza rip full bike that i need to get rid of. All i want is the hs33's off it. It's got a ska 19" rear wheel and a fairly new, hardly ridden echo sl freewheel 108 click(may have been left in rain for a while). I'm happy to get rid of it stupid cheap, like 50 quid all in plus postage. Let me take some pics tomorrow and see what you think, theres a pile of decent parts on it, i just hate it, and need the space.
  3. Not sure if that tree pedal-stall pivot-hop thing is total genius or the ugliest move i've ever seen. Made me yearn for woods riding on a hardtail though, for sure.
  4. I'm a freakin' genius.. Was talking jokingly with my boss the other day about doing a 1000w conversion on my spooky.. Comes with a choice of wheel sizes.. 20, 24inch is included.. Probably need to do some work to the kit, so you could carry the batteries, instead of fitting them to the bike (along with your normal front wheel). @Ogre.. I used to do that all the time, 4 miles with a bike for a mate.. Proper pain in the ass. Was always fun when the bars clashed, and you end up with the other bike hanging off you, trying to pull you sideways! *Edit: Personally i wouldn't be seen dead with that kit in front of those nasty pisstaking mtb mates, so i'll join the others, grow some legs boy!
  5. Railway sleepers make excellent "bridges" between pallets and stuff.
  6. Haha.. Nothing like having your foot stuck to the pedal, and your leg strapped to the crank, sat on your arse in the middle of a busy town centre, and having to just brute force tear your jeans out of the sprocket.. Always provides the locals with a laugh!
  7. Yeah, probably not far from truth. I grew up in the rave scene in the 90's, free parties, criminal justice bill, all that. I have a healthy disrespect for authority, but i'm not a willy, or a criminal or anything like that. Interesting how rapidly i was shut down on that one..I have a few friends who are in living situations (sharing, sub-let situations etc) where registering to vote is simply not an option for them, but they are no less of a contributing citizen than anyone else, and probably don't need to be criminalised for it. Anyways, happy election everybody, I hope what happens, happens, and we all continue to ride goofy kids bikes with no seats.
  8. Dann pretty much summed up the way i have always felt about voting, except I am 39, and have felt that way for many more years(total apathy). Here's whats bugging me: Since i moved 3.5 yrs ago, I have not registered to vote. The first round of poll cards came in and i was busy so ignored them.. Then the threatening poll cards come along "it is an OFFENCE to not register to vote" £80 fine etc.etc. So i'm like yeah whatever, f**k you i'm definitely not doing it now. Fine me.. I was interested, more than anything, to see how far it would go.. 80 fine i can cope with, but it would never get that far.. If it got to court date letters i would just bite the bullet.. Couldn't find any specific law or cases where people have been prosecuted for it.. 2 years pass with annual threat, then *my wife* gets a random call on her mobile from the chief at the local voting office asking questions about why i wont/haven't registered! "Why not!?" "Is he a legal uk citizen?" Yes, 39 years... "then why not?? He HAS to!!!" Blabs the usual shit about it being an offence, law changed in 2012 apparently, due to there being no census any more, mentioned a 1000 pound fine this time. This election the drive to register to vote is pretty full on.. £20 thorp park tickets if you can prove you have registered to vote.. All over telly/facebook/celebrity endorsement etc. Even people on TF are banging on at me to do it!! Now i'm no Dave anscombe, but seems like they are *so* desperate for me to do it that maybe there is some ulterior motive(s) i'm not seeing / getting. Point is i don't feel i should be forced to do anything, i feel i should have a free right to choose. Payed taxes, NI for 21 years, my choice. I might just register for an easier life, not that it particularly bothers me at all, and vote corbyn because i feel he potentially represents some sort of change (maybe). Or maybe i won't, and just continue not to care. Not sure, opinions? Also bonus points for anyone who finds the specific law i would be prosecuted under, or any precedents. Tl:dr - sorry.
  9. hi mate i dropped you a mesage on the phone, let me know asap if you haven't replied by tonight ill get in touch with the other guy.




  10. How about this? Dunno about 32 tooth freewheel though. Best info on geo i can find before my interest fades is.. If that is the same bike?
  11. Tarty bikes says £93 but dunno if they will sting you for import tax your end? Seems pretty reasonable to me. Certainly cheaper than plane tickets and the like... The bikes i picked i believe are relevant to your interests too?
  12. Yeah, that's the one! From the looks of it the dabomb harbinger is the same bike(prodigy) but rebranded.. i think i have also seen them branded as 'base' bikes. From looks alone, it seems the old onza t-pro is built off the same frame. The seat/chain stays are a bit refined maybe, but it shares that "scaffold pole" bottom bracket affair.
  13. Thanks mate, i guess that's probably what i thought. Good point about the standover height on it, it's likely the extra clearance that makes him able to ride the onza rip (just). Should i forget mission prodigy's, are they really that bad? At least they got 4-bolt mounts. Anyways, if anyone else on here is interested, the monty is in henley and advertised on gumtree.
  14. Hi all, Came across this for sale for just 55 quid! From what I can tell it's a B221 X-LITE from 1995-ish, correct me if I'm wrong. Due to the "old skool" geometry, do you think it would be good for a 7/8 year old kid (he is pretty tall, over 4ft) to muck around on? I can't find any spec on the geometry due to its age, but I am presuming it is an "adults" bike (TT length etc) First up would be to change the stem for a 135 / 145 mm to make it more manageable for him, but whadd'you think?? Is it going to be massive on him (like our onza rip)? Or should I just wait and try snag an onza tyke or sting off ebay (obviously NOT going to be 55 quid!)? I am not aiming him for world titles or anything, just after a bike he can tag along with me on, and learn the basics of endos / hops / whatever. I wanna spend as little as possible this time around, there are plenty of mission prodigy's around for less than 100 quid, but from what I hear they are damn heavy and more than a bit shite, would this be a viable alternative?