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  1. me and my mate will be over there shortly, I have pm'd you.
  2. Ye i could be up for this aswell weather depending. May be able to persuade another lad along as well. Will be travelling up from Ashby.
  3. ok sound. drop me a text on 07557264513 and I shall try n meet you somewhere.
  4. im hoping to be out tomorrow afternoon now, been roped into painting in the morning by the misses so will get that done first thing then shall be out. I will give my mate a shout as well n see if he wants to join.
  5. I know its a long shot but does anybody fancy a ride tomorrow, be it Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, Derby etc.
  6. is any body up for a ride this Saturday around the midlands area, not fussed if I have to travel, will be me and another lad from a place called Ashby. went for a ride round Burton on Trent earlier and that is very good for trials.
  7. Hi mate. im the same size as you and ride a 26" Inspired. I used to ride a 20" onza. I can hop up and gap the exact same size stuff on both bikes so don't be worried about wheel size, its skill and leg power that gets you up n over things. if you are used to 24" then stick with that if you want. I think I shall be moving to 24" in the near future as it will be cheaper to buy a new bike than to build the one I want.
  8. Wish I'd looked earlier, was in Daventry earlier riding. Gutted!
  9. yes mate. its James Hammond. wearing a white tshirt with sun glasses and the santa pod gantry in the back ground. is there an FB page?
  10. me and my mate have just started riding again after 5 or 6 years off, was talking last night how it would be wicked to get a few other riders together. we are based just north of Birmingham about half hour away. could always meet at Tamworth as its about half way. we are also thinking about riding Birmingham city centre after the bike show on the 27th this month.