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  1. that was double nawty
  2. dude, dont waste your time trying to make it a hybrid bike, just learn on that, but just do what you can, i would learn bunnyhops onto over and across gaps, then maybe if you get lighter gearing THEN cross over to the more specific trials moves, and at that point but a rear brake on.
  3. Bike looks sick dude, and ruse, you might want to pay more attention Hahha it's in two videos
  4. It gets boring you doing now this, post a video leave it up, it's a cry for attention and it's ridiculous
  5. I use the 415h and I wouldn't use anything else
  6. I liked everything about that video, brilliant stuff chaps
  7. Pm me I have hosing fs
  8. I currently run the trialtech highrise stem which is brilliant, but need some extra height on my new frame while keeping it short i noticed jitsie make a 135 x 35 stem, and I'm hoping the steerer clamp is bigger also can somebody confirm the difference in height?
  9. Few hull and Leeds lads riding Manchester tomorow, would be good to meet a few local riders or riders who know we're stuff is andbody game? 11:30ish and meet location
  10. Motivation
  11. I totally get that filming for videos is a b*****d that was brilliant riding, really enjoyed the vibe towards the end shit got serious
  12. Ace!
  13. i disagree, its more to show the fearless attitude, which takes braincells to overcome imo, i respect anyone who has balls, it takes a certain type of person to throw themself off a bulding. i for one salute you good sir :bow:
  14. lost all his style since joining the roll your bars forward crew, used to love his vids, pure power style and precision, nowadays it just looks like hes become part of the french crew on pogos, great riding, bad editing, bad video, the exact reason trials is on its arse. too many raw tgs'ers turning there callous ridden hands to the comp scene. hope the old school makes a return, loving the new school ali and flipp though, creative. neil should make a return too