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  1. Fantastic build. Have always wanted one, all it needs is a playing card in the spokes with that moto seat... Wouldn't have any trouble drawing up the graphics if you need them. Can't do much about printing but that's only half the job.
  2. Has science gone too far?
  3. Favorite trick... loosen the pinch bolts on the stem/steerer junction enough that it's breifly rideable but any attempt to turn results in crashing. Best on a brakeless bike. Leave in sketchy area and sit with a good view. Film for best results
  4. As street bike should be more or less fine for pure really. If anything more comfortable. Maybe $600 on the Zoo
  5. That's either an Echo or a Rockman from the looks of it, not actually a custom frame The local echo/zoo is dual maggie and nearly costs more than retail, I'd certainly choose new over it but there are indeed better options used If you haven't ridden a modern trials bike a Koxx-esque bike could just be painful and easily damaged What riding background do you come from and what sort of riding do you want to do So looks like you've already got a street bike, what do/don't you like about it And why are you opposed to a mod? If you're under the impression they're for shorter people that's simply wrong
  6. any one of the ones on pinkbike i linked are better than anything i've seen mentioned so far
  7. JN What are you doing have either of you looked at pinkbike?
  8. Upload elsewhere (or even on here as long as you insert it as such) and insert as an image them rather than attaching them.
  9. £90? Are you rich or something? Here's my free road bike kidding of course... I bought it when it had a HED carbon disc on the rear and custom 24" HED on the front... sold and replaced the wheels for more than I paid for the bike!
  10. finally got it up and riding.. maybe not the prettiest thing but
  11. ozonys curve, neon bow, monty kamel, a RCP steel mod
  12. the fella's got a proper dh kit and setup going for him... I doubt foul play