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  1. Cheers Callum, though I've already made my mind up for a Hex, I'm sure I'll enjoy it whatever.
  2. Hi all, Beginner here, yet to purchase a bike but I deffo want a street/trial style, I'm torn between 24" & 26" Inspired element/fourplay/hex bikes here, and have a few questions some of you may be able to help with. From a beginners perspective, do you lose much in manoeuvrability/hops/balance/etc going to the larger size wheels? Is the 26" wheel is better for engaging obstacles - so easier for a beginner? Lastly on the wheel size - are the 26" wheels more fragile than the 24's? or are the wheels so strong anyway I needn't worry? Oh, and, my other concern is brakes, coming from MTB'ing where I've been using powerful disk brakes for years, the larger bikes and the lower spec 24's come with non-disc rear brakes, is this something I should be trying to avoid? I don't think any of the Inspired 26'ers come with rear disc. cheers Rick
  3. Hi Waybe2014. I'm in Whitstable in Kent.
  4. Hi all! I'm Rick, & I Want to get into riding trial/street to enhance my bike skillage in general, I've always loved bikes, BMX's in the early days, been mountain biking for years and been thinking about trial bikes for a while, it'd be a nice contrast to the mountain biking. Oh, I'm getting on a bit, recently turned 42. Snowboarding is my other love, though a few knee injuries have toned it down the last year or two. I haven't bought a trial bike yet, still researching,I'm leaning towards the 24"'s. Anyway, good to find an active and friendly forum. cheers Rick