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  1. i'm still struggling with sidehops a bit... i just can't seem to get the proper techique down. i've just watched some slo-mos and a tutorial on youtube and i've suddenly realized something weird. i'm a strange sidehopper anyway (right foot forward and hop towards the right too, jumping left is a big struggle for me). standing on the back wheel one usually tilts the bars towards one side for stability. guy in the video said "pull bars towards your back foot" and i've always done it the opposite way. pulling bars a bit towards my front foot feels a lot more natural too me. is this something i should try to re-learn the other way?
  2. oh, how can i be so ingrateful... you're critical (and others) have been critical of cyclists being recognized as road users. 'being a road user' doesn't mean shit. with certain vehicles come certain laws and certain levels of care one has to take when operating them. the rules for cars are rightfully different to those for bikes. there is a lot more that goes into laws and punishments then just the outcome.
  3. what's statements like "if he was driving a brakeless car he'd be done worse' good for, if not to milk an unfortunate accident to paint oneself as a part of an oppressed group, make two things equal which are clearly not and to point out the unfairness that other groups can harm people with less consequence. you've repeated again that you think of two people who want to get from A to B, you think that one of them has more right to public space because of vehicle choice. this is exactly that sense of entitlement which makes larmoyant car drivers so godamn insufferable.
  4. were the good carspeople treated unfairly again? oh the woe!!
  5. what?? who in this conversation rides brakeless? (i don't, never did, just for protocol)
  6. regarding being aware of your surroundings: you do realize you are on a cycling forum...? i'm the prat, yet you still play the victim even though in the current system everythings stacked in favour of your side. roads are holy places of driving no one is allowed to infringe on, lest mr. goodcitizen does not get to the drive-through burger place a minute later. now how dare other road-invaders threaten the safety of people with less consequence! that 'equal consequences' argument is just pure nonsense. this case is more or less the worst that can happen with a bike. and it took multiple errors on both sides to make it happen. it was an unfortunate occasion which rarely happens. i think it's ok that the cyclist got a punishment. but this case doesn't warrant a discussion about anything. and nowhere near the same thing as mowing down people with your unsafe car.
  7. JD took an accident which had nothing to do with cars to complain about how unfairly car drivers are being treated, harping on about that very annoying myth that citizen car driver is oh so important that his free reign must never be curtailed. as if all of traffic (and with it a lof of public space and money) wasn't already tailored to fit the interests of car drivers. fixed-brakeless doesn't mean one can't stop. it's different to trials or bmx brakeless. it's a different technique of braking. whether that's a smart thing to use in a busy city is another question, but it's by far not the murder weapon you make it out to be. with a bike it takes a lot of bad luck to hurt someone else severely; you might knock someone down, but luckily that very, very rarely ends in serious injuries or death. source (1) states 32 people were killed by cyclists in the last 10 years. source (2) states that in 2015 alone there were 408 pedestrians killed and 100 cyclists (assuming here that the vast majority of those involved cars). a car is on another level of potential destruction, hence different rules apply. (1) (2) of course it is. 7C.
  8. it is also law to not look at your phone instead of your surroundings when walking in traffic.
  9. not the same thing. not even on the same planet. have you heard about people riding around on skateboards without rubber bumpers?! god knows what that could do to people's ankles!!
  10. it's exactly the opposite, shmoopie. if a pedestrian walked blindly into car traffic, he/she would be blamed in full, ridiculed and called a public hazard. there would be zero discussion about anything.
  11. as if carrying around a lot of useless extra-width is supposed to entitle one to something...
  12. nonsense. it is still infinitely less likely that you injure someone severely/ fatally in an accident with a bike than with a car.
  13. didn't really pay attention when watching the first one, but obviously nothing really pulled me in. pickle episode was just bad.
  14. if it looks like after being stung by nettles, it's probably urticaria, an allergic reaction to something. probably much more likely caused by clothing or vegetation pollen, but i guess sweating is a possibility too or a combination of sweating and some kind of cosmetic product. the rash can be treated easily with medication, but finding out the cause might be trickier (it involves a bit of boring though not hurtful testing). (i'm not a doctor, only have had allergies all my life. so do get it checked out if it bothers you or if it gets worse)
  15. i don't think he's still sponsored by inspired. inspired is not mentioned as a sponsoring brand on his homepage. i guess he got too expensive for them and they made some kind of special arrangement.