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  1. Where do you buy these from?
  2. You can tell the difference, main difference was weight in the front end due to the fork weight. Overall feel I preferred steel
  3. It isn’t an arcade lol it’s a marino, had this back in 2015, inspired must have taken inspiration from it
  4. Been riding these two recently! Just comparing the two
  5. Jeeez we filmed some of these agessss ago , good riding bro!
  6. I'd say it might be abit too small , and a four play or arcade would be better suited, as I'm 6ft and have ridden the old Skye's and they felt small to me
  7. Let's see a whole edit then
  8. It will take awhile to get use too but going back to 24 after tomorrow haha
  9. I basically have a marino with arcade geo and I usually ride 24" but the rear hub cracked so sent it back to hope waiting for a new one before u can build my new wheels, will be borrowing some of a mate for a week or two but for tomorrow I put these on So that's that answered, a 26" arcade (#marino version haha)
  10. Real question is what did he have to do/get her first before she bought you all the bits?
  11. Only 26" street I rode had 22-17 , john Shrewsburys marino, works well for him
  12. Only just seen this, don't know why no one else has commented, if was really good to watch, nice streety riding on a mod, credit to you for that! Liked the editing too. Think you would suit a 24" abit better mind.
  13. I have a set of 203 hope gunmetal rotors, interested in swapping for a pair of shimano if anyone fancied that deal? Shimano don't have to be ice techs, pm me



      i have a red hope saw? brand new red spider

  14. Should be selling my fourplay soon, atomlab wheels ( getting of a mate soon) hope brakes and shimano cranks, small spec, would anyone be interested in that?!

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    2. James.Parr


      Let's just wait until I have it built up nothing overly priced but decent though

    3. Brettoll


      So you want to sell it, but have no price in mind... useful

    4. James.Parr


      I don't know how much it is worth, I'll add everything up when it's built so saying useful is I replicant when I haven't even got it ready yet...