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  1. Hi all, fancied doing a build thread on a hex I’ll be building up as it’ll be getting a bit of welding done. I’ll be adding on a disc mount to the frame. I purchased the hex on Facebook, this is how it came apart from the stem which I put on to play in the street. I have some of my own parts already that I will be using. The next step was to strip it down and put the parts on that I could. This is how it is looking with the rear wheel and inspired forks I already had. The forks are the old inspired team forks and the wheel is an inspired rim built onto a inspired hub. The front wheel is currently getting built by a friend. That will be very similar with a matching rim on a hope pro 4 hub. I managed to pick up a new hope headset for £50 from someone around the corner from me! The fsa headset that the bike came with was a bit stiff and had non sealed bearings so had to go! Thats as far as the build has gone so far. I have actually custom painted magura MT5 callipers aswell which I will show when the bike is rolling and I can attach a brake. Will post more when I get the wheel back and after a I paint a few bits and bobs this week!
  2. if someone would lend you one could make a carbon one possibly?
  3. Can you do some rough measurements and drawings? could possibly get one 3d printed off my mate for you
  4. Cheers! Yea it came out well if I’m honest. And for £20 and a few hours work can’t really go wrong!
  5. Hi mate. I did it myself. Cost about £20 in total! Halfords Ford olympic blue paint was about £8 then I used a can of primer and laquer which was £1.99 each from home baragains. I find it just as good as the more expensive brands. Then about £5 on masking tape and sand paper.
  6. Cheers all! Colour is ford Olympic blue.
  7. Re-built the trials bike and played about with the stem height and geo. My sister painted drew some logos on that meant something to me and then it was laquered over!
  8. Happened to me mate on a pair of inspired ones
  9. Best 20” I’ve seen! Could be biased though as I’ve never really liked the look of bikes with not seats
  10. Built this up last week, quick run down on spec is .... Frame/forks - Inspired Arcade wheels- Pro2 evo hubs built onto spank spike 35 rims , continental tyres Drivetrain- Raceface cranks, Shimano 22t sprocket, Custom bashring, Nukeproof plastic pedals Brakes - Magura MT5’s front and rear Bars/Stem - Inspired Arcade and Trialtech 80x40, Macaskill grips Seat/post - Inspired tripod saddle and post
  11. As title says really, before I continue I would like to add this frame is cracked and bent before I got excited with a drill haha. I have tried to drill where I think is not a stressful place for the frame. I drilled an initial hole of 3mm then changed it to 6mm. Following this I angled the drill the angle that the cable would be gong into and out of the frame based around looking at my own bike. You can see with the cable going through the seat clamp area was not idea however with other frames like Marino’s the seat clamp is on top so if you cut your post down it would still clear fine (however in this instance it worked out well as I was able to see and show what was happening). Has any body got any advice on what else could be done? I thought of heat treating the area to make it stronger. Has anyone got any ideas or has this been done before? Cheers for responses in advance
  12. How much does it weigh now then?
  13. Where do you buy these from?
  14. You can tell the difference, main difference was weight in the front end due to the fork weight. Overall feel I preferred steel
  15. It isn’t an arcade lol it’s a marino, had this back in 2015, inspired must have taken inspiration from it