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  1. Little update on the bike! See original post.
  2. The bike has done plenty of riding in the 2 years I've owned it. The frames seem super tough so well happy with that. I think the camera lens is slightly fish eyed which you can notice in few pics.
  3. Updated, see below! Evening all, thought I'd post a few updated photos of my long running Koxx Kloud as it's had some new bits and bobs recently such as the Trialtech rim brake hose which matches the frame rather well. Other stuff includes the super comfy Trialtech lever blades for both brakes and a hard anodised alloy rear sprocket. I'd really recommend the lever blades for anyone looking improve their brakes. They add a touch more power, but feel much comfier than the standard ones. This bike is probably a little "old skool" to a few people now, but I'm of that era anyway haha and absolutely love this bike. Rides brilliant. On to the pics: Little update! I've now been running one of the Trialtech Sport Lite M30 rear hubs and sprockets for a few weeks. That means the thread size on the sprocket and hub is M30, quite a bit smaller than the regular 1.37" x 24 tpi size. This system allows for a lighter overall setup which is great. My hub, sprocket and bolts come in at approx 140g from memory which is insanely light, but still very strong. So it's win win! Few pics: Cheers! Stan.
  4. Amazing, amazing and more amazing. Technical and huge riding is the hardest thing to do well and Danny has it nailed. Sweet edit too. Very nice on the eyes. Will be watching again!
  5. Thanks for watching people! Really do appreciate it! Cheers Ross! Yeah I can't fault the Kloud really, had it a while now and it just feels right so probably not going to change anytime soon.
  6. Hi all, About time I had a new video, so here it is! All filmed fairly locally! Cheers!
  7. One of the best Natural videos for quite a while! Top riding from Danny. Some of that stuff is large and slippy and he makes it look comfortable.
  8. We recently headed up to the Roaches to shoot some footage of team rider, Danny Butler. While the video is still in the editing stages, here are some pictures of his current setup. Very nice indeed! Look out for the video soon Photos taken by Mark Westlake.
  9. Best Trials video of the year for me! Enjoyed it so much. Three very talented riders having fun and showing that its definitely not about the bike!
  10. Hey all, Flipp and myself recently went on an extremely last minute road trip to Buthiers in France and here is what we managed to come up with. Just to give you an idea of what happened, on the Wednesday before, at dinner we started chatting about doing a trip over there, but were struggling to find a free weekend in the next 2 months, so we decided to try go on the coming weekend. On Thursday morning we booked the ferry and later that evening we were on our way and in France by the early hours on Friday morning. We stopped over and then did the rest of the journey through Friday but ended up getting stuck in Paris traffic for around 3-4 hours, which took away from our riding time a little. Anyhow we arrived Friday tea time and pretty much rode non stop until Sunday dinner. We then headed home! A fast, but extremely enjoyable trip. The weather was incredible too. With only around 2 days riding time there, I don't think we managed to film our best riding, but it's decent enough and hopefully worth a watch Anyway, thanks to Ads for letting us use the TartyBago, such a good roadtrip machine!
  11. Just a quick update for people: Please note: Wristbands must be on your wrist at all times during the weekend while on site, this applies to both riders and spectators. Anyone not able to show their wristband on request will be asked to leave the venue. The spectator / guardian wristband is designed for parents or relatives who wish to come along for the weekend to watch. There is only limited space at Barrow Farm so we do have a limit on numbers for both riders and spectators. Helmets must be worn at all times by all riders. We've had a spate of people buying just spectator wristbands and so numbers for those are getting low. The event is designed for riders with the spectator ticket being aimed at allowing riders to bring along a relative or friend at no extra cost.
  12. Sweet video Joe. The riding was cool, nice and relaxed too. Liked the long line across the sleepers and then back to a manual. See you Friday
  13. Cheers Joe You not going to pop along to say hi?
  14. Entered today. Looking forward to it.
  15. Stupidly big moves coupled with awesome balance and technique. Winner.