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  2. Here's a vid of me riding badly in my dark bedroom on a bike I've only ridden for about 2.5 hours, enjoy!
  3. Well, bearing in mind I rode lots in the summer and got no footage I decided I should start filming, so I went out for about an hour and a half today and got some footage which I've put into a little edit for all of you. It's nothing special, I was riding for myself really, to see where I need to improve, but decided to upload it anyway. It's about the 6th time I've been out on the bike this year so I don't think I'm doing too badly, definitely need to ride more to get better bike control again. It's pretty repetitive, because I was mainly practising stuff to front (which has payed off, learnt them on Saturday on 4 pallets, and I successfully did 5 today for the first time everrrrr) but either way, I hope you like it, and try keep the comments positive please guys! Sorry about the dirty lens :P
  4. Just came on here to post this, enjoy.
  5. That was subtle. CUNT
  6. No, it doesn't. What's considered the "correct" thing to say would be twenty ten. I know twenty ten sounds better than two thousand and ten, I didn't mention two thousand and ten anywhere in my post, you jumped to a conclusion. Yes, yes they will. Because 10 is ten, not 0-10, yes I know there is a zero before it, but you wouldnt say two zero ten, you'd say twenty ten. No, they say twenty twelve, so why do you say oh-ten?
  7. oh-twenty-three, DUH! Jardo, seriously, oh-ten? You're a douche.
  8. The Czar Ivan was the first Czar stock frame, which had a headtube very similar to the Koxx XTP.
  9. You either missed a 2, or added a 0
  10. You and me both, I'm all about kicking the FUZZLE outta people!
  11. Fournales I think?
  12. What is it with you and that fucking word?!
  13. Yeah Wiggins is a champ. Shame about the TT and the wind!
  14. Gotta give Cav some credit though, 5 wins?! EDIT: I didn't mean credit haha, guess I meant.. well I dunno, but he's the f**king boss.
  15. Vimeo Video -> Original Video Not only is it a massive tune, but that video is class!