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  1. Sorry, got to 3 minutes, got bored, seen thumb nail of fit bird eating Doritos on next up section of you tube and clicked on that instead, what can I say, I'm clearly a victim of click bait here.....
  2. Details on that frame are mint. What's the metal wheel arch thingy about between the rear wheel and the seat post? Never seen that on an MTB before. Was going to ask about the dog/bike scale thing, glad you cleared that up!
  3. Put them in my stumpjumper about 3 months ago, made a huge difference to the way it handles and doesn't bottom out anywhere near as much on big stuff.
  4. If you are bottoming out on your 5010 have you tried volume spacers in your front and rear shocks? Thats presuming they are both air sprung shocks that is.
  5. Hang on, is that a crack below the rear brake? My stupid phone won't let me zoom in
  6. I'd get that bike, looking like it's a bargain for a first bike to me. Few guys on here would be able to tell you the year of the frame and then the geometry but £450 for what appears to be a decent fourplay is a good deal in my book. Make sure the frame isn't damaged, dented or has welds cracked, make sure the brakes work (he does say the do), find out the make of the brakes. He also says it has a new hope rear hub which is great. I think anything else is relatively easy to swap out or replace if it doesn't suit you.
  7. Think that Swiss pump track might be this one, looks pretty good. Forward to 7.10 mins for the skate park right next door.
  8. Burrs country park, bury at 10.30. @onza wanabe, will send you a map location. Parking is right next to the spot we are riding.
  9. 10.30, Manchester area if anyone else is riding in that way today. Location tbc as waiting for my mate to get his arse out of bed. Was going to check out Salford university Clifford building but parking seems to be a bitch so may end up Manchester northern quarter, Salford quays or burrs country park. @onza wanabe, hopefully give you a location soon dude, just get your gear together.
  10. I wouldn't sell. People have probably been keeping heads down in terms of trials over the winter, summer is coming, world of opportunities. If you drive possibly check out burrs country park in bury, Salford quays Manchester, or Liverpool docks or Blackpool sea front.
  11. Oh hang on, presume the name Onzawannabe is a giveaway to the type of bike!?
  12. Best you are going to get for specific trials stuff near you is Lee quarry I think which is near bacup. I haven't seen anything like radical bikes in the north west though wish there was. Otherthan that, think it's a case of keeping your eyes peeled for good trials spots in the country side or round town then rocking up and giving it a go. Know a few spots round Manchester if you are down this way and wanted to know where to ride. What are you riding, street or comp style bike?
  13. Manchester and Salford quays gets my vote but then I am lazy and Salford quays is only 5 minutes from my house Could also do Lee Quarry (if that's what Dman was suggesting above?).
  14. @Mark W did see the rider finder on facebook funnily enough the other day and followed it so hopefully something will come of it. Am aware of Dman, just never had chance to meet as mate of mine Rich sometimes rides with him but our paths haven't crossed yet. to be honest, I sometimes struggle getting out given I have 3 kids and full time job etc etc blah blah blah (boring stuff) plus trying to fit in a few other hobbies such as mountain bike, climbing etc. Yes, poor excuse but that's the way it is. Anyway, the above post of mine wasn't necessarily a whine about my own circumstances, it was more a contribution to the original comment about, "is trial dead"? I do think more visibility of rides for ordinary riders would be a good thing to get them in to it, meet the folks in their area or meet folks going on rides in adjacent areas, I do think a lot of people visit the forum still but don't necessarily contribute but might do if more rides in more areas were being posted up. I think if people start posting on the FB rider finder tarty bikes have set up it will probably also serve this function. Trials is such a small niche thing that having some more ground roots kind of thing that I sometimes see on the Ali C vlogs in Scotland or probably the Bristol ride would be a good thing if done in a few more locations round the country. It doesn't need to be big rides all the time though like the Bristol one appeared to be, just regular low key events to keep people interested and developing. @eddiesheps THB I think my mate Rich added me onto a whatsapp group a few months ago with you on it but had a lot of family problems for the last 6 months so haven't really been riding at all for a while, my fourplay has been gathering some serious dust. Took it out Sunday afternoon for a jib on Trafford park industrial estate to see how things felt and must admit, now wanting to get out a bit more if time allows. Just let me know when you are out and more than willing to come along and meet if I am free.
  15. Think all of the above about different formats for organising rides is all well and good but it makes it pretty difficult for the average isolated rider to get involved who doesn't maybe already know the scene and the people in it. For instance I noted everyone on the post above doesn't have less than a 1000 posts which tells me folks have been doing trials for a while, they probably know who's who and what is going down where already and are also quite skilled at trials. A quick search on Facebook revealed no trials groups at all so presume they are closed groups where you will only know about them if you are invited by an established skilled rider who has been around for a while which would suggest a certain element of clique as suggested above. Guess from someone who has only been involved in trials for a few years and doesn't really ride with anyone else as unaware of what rides are happening, it can be difficult seeing what is going on and when and riding with the right people to get the motivation to keep going and learn the skills needed to progress, especially if those people only post to closed groups about meeting up. Guess what I am saying is the forum, while a dated format is actually a good thing and when people say trials is dying, I think it is as unless newer riders to the scene have access or inspiration from the guys who have been doing it for a while it will die out. Think the onus is on the more experienced members to set up open group rides on here rather than on closed side groups and get things going for the rest of us. Yes, you may have to put up with a lower standard of riding than you are used to where the majority of folks won't be able to drop gap the river irwell but hey, guess we all gotta start somewhere......