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  1. @monkeyseemonkeydo I honestly don't know what to make of it!
  2. Seen these E trials bikes? Is this a new thing? Opinion?
  3. Fakie front flip at 43 seconds, I have never seen that done before! https://www.pinkbike.com/news/must-watch-dylan-starks-2018-mtb-street-edit-madness.html
  4. Sorry, got to 3 minutes, got bored, seen thumb nail of fit bird eating Doritos on next up section of you tube and clicked on that instead, what can I say, I'm clearly a victim of click bait here.....
  5. Details on that frame are mint. What's the metal wheel arch thingy about between the rear wheel and the seat post? Never seen that on an MTB before. Was going to ask about the dog/bike scale thing, glad you cleared that up!
  6. Put them in my stumpjumper about 3 months ago, made a huge difference to the way it handles and doesn't bottom out anywhere near as much on big stuff.
  7. If you are bottoming out on your 5010 have you tried volume spacers in your front and rear shocks? Thats presuming they are both air sprung shocks that is.
  8. Hang on, is that a crack below the rear brake? My stupid phone won't let me zoom in
  9. I'd get that bike, looking like it's a bargain for a first bike to me. Few guys on here would be able to tell you the year of the frame and then the geometry but £450 for what appears to be a decent fourplay is a good deal in my book. Make sure the frame isn't damaged, dented or has welds cracked, make sure the brakes work (he does say the do), find out the make of the brakes. He also says it has a new hope rear hub which is great. I think anything else is relatively easy to swap out or replace if it doesn't suit you.
  10. Think that Swiss pump track might be this one, looks pretty good. Forward to 7.10 mins for the skate park right next door.
  11. Burrs country park, bury at 10.30. @onza wanabe, will send you a map location. Parking is right next to the spot we are riding.
  12. 10.30, Manchester area if anyone else is riding in that way today. Location tbc as waiting for my mate to get his arse out of bed. Was going to check out Salford university Clifford building but parking seems to be a bitch so may end up Manchester northern quarter, Salford quays or burrs country park. @onza wanabe, hopefully give you a location soon dude, just get your gear together.
  13. I wouldn't sell. People have probably been keeping heads down in terms of trials over the winter, summer is coming, world of opportunities. If you drive possibly check out burrs country park in bury, Salford quays Manchester, or Liverpool docks or Blackpool sea front.
  14. Oh hang on, presume the name Onzawannabe is a giveaway to the type of bike!?
  15. Best you are going to get for specific trials stuff near you is Lee quarry I think which is near bacup. I haven't seen anything like radical bikes in the north west though wish there was. Otherthan that, think it's a case of keeping your eyes peeled for good trials spots in the country side or round town then rocking up and giving it a go. Know a few spots round Manchester if you are down this way and wanted to know where to ride. What are you riding, street or comp style bike?