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  1. I thought it was ''Scorpio'' the bike brand!!!
  2. Riding is on point! Props
  3. I run the 20'' disc and 26'' HS Crewkerz forks. The best I ever rode. Many of my friends tried the Clean HS 26'' and went back to the Crewkerz. I can't speak about the Monty.
  4. I wanted a Hex Team, but this post scared me of those cranks!!
  5. Dang! Frame also looks different. Echo is sadly not the best social media / news brand.
  6. Yes Craig, the rims are super light, but quite weak. Trialtech Carthy, those are boss rims!! Thanks for the details on EchoUSA!!
  7. Sadly bike trials doesn't seem to be going through it's best days.
  8. I am unsure about that Echo Bike FB page, who deals with it? It states as located in USA ? For the bike, it's great. They need a 2 piece crankset and then it'll be awesome!
  9. +3 This was an epic run Ben!
  10. I was told they were decent, but quiet.
  11. I enjoyed that!
  12. Chainline seems fine! Cog is pretty much in the middle I had some 1'' carbon spacers lying around, threw like 3 of them on each side of the cranks, the cups are straight on the frame. It's not perfect, but hey! I paid 50$ CAD for the cranks and they're like new!
  13. No! But being 6'3'' ( 1m91 ) I don't feel my feet are that wide apart! Also, got those for real cheap, that's why I bought them, THEN I realized they were the DH wide axle version.
  14. I have those cranks and Inspired bash. V1 bash I think and 83mm DH cranks. Lot's of clearance and bash seems strong enough!
  15. I was unlucky with my Jitsie, so was Sam Perkins. Never had other reviews about them, not good not bad. Rode the 135 Splinned Bonz ( Monty, Bonz, Breath (all the same) Crewkerz, Clean are similar too ) And the 135 Clean and 135 Crewkerz. All were perfect! Yeah, Echo are still a solid choice!!