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  1. Looking at some different 2nd hand wheels and a pair have come up with these hubs but I've only used hope previously and have no idea about these... Anyone have experience with them?
  2. Randomly found this while searching for steerer tubes: I have a friend who would look at either replacing or extending the tube but I'm reluctant to dump a project on him if there's an easier way. My concern with the extender is that if it comes loose, I'm not sure what holds the fork in...and it probably weighs as much as the fork.
  3. I did wonder about that so it's really useful to know! My first option is to attempt replacing the tube. You seem to know more about this than me - any tips?
  4. Thanks for the link. I'm on the lookout for wheels now, ideally something like a d521 or 721 ceramic on hope pro 2 or similar. There's a nice set on eBay but silly price.
  5. I dunno about exactly like it but maybe Eden Lake
  6. I'm interested but didn't know a steere tube could be extended - how does that work!? The headtube is 120mm - how long is the steerer on your forks? Yep, potentially interested in the headset too if you manage to find it. Yeah - saw that, it looks great... I could do with raiding it for parts though!
  7. This looks fantastic! Did you already have a lot of the parts or have you managed to find them for the project? What cassette is that? It's exactly what I'm looking for but have no idea how to do! I'm working on building up my own tribute but only at the beginning:
  8. I finally got around to picking up one of these but if there's anyone here old enough to remember them or have owned one, I'd really appreciate some advice as I have a lot of questions... I know this is a long shot! The aim is to build it up as faithfully as possible to Martyn's old spec, although finding a lot of that stuff seems impossible now... I'm searching for a Fatty R fork but keep getting messed about on eBay. Any idea what length steerer it'll need? If one does surface, I'll probably have to spray it. I've seen Volvo 124 suggested as the colour unless anyone knows otherwise? In the short term, some parts might have to be borrowed from a newer bike but I'm not sure if a wide rear wheel (trialtech/no holes) would fit AND work with a HS33 on evo mounts? Seatpost diameter? I have some singlespeed bits to get it up and running but want to run a small cassette & road/short cage mech - I've no idea here but it'll need it to work with a 9sp hub/shifter. Yellow (FSA or any brand) headsets don't seem to exist anymore (they're all anodised/gold) and fatty forks seem scarce too, let alone if I need wheels etc. ARGH One last thing - this measures 14" but my memory of them when they came out was of only being available in one, larger size. Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this. Any help is really appreciated - especially in terms of sourcing parts! Cheers
  9. Two films by the same director, Kill List and Sightseers