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  1. Got a Rockman Radix v2 if you're interested?
  2. Anybody fancy knocking me up a nice shiny front diff/steering plate for my Jimny if I get you some dimensions and designs?
  3. Where can I buy this.
  4. Maybe soon we'll complete all 8 albums?
  5. Toasted
  6. Roasted
  7. Both shit. What's wrong with your Saints?
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahaha i love this <3
  9. Was a good day in London that:)
  10. #vapenation
  11. But even you haven't achieved that? Rather be a pussy than a cnut:/
  12. Guess it's a choice between smoking and getting cancer, or vaping and being gay
  13. Have been chatting to a couple riders about it, and most people at college are keen on me stopping. Really just looking for any general advice/help stopping? Bought one of those cheapo £5 ecigs that look like a straight, and yeah it's helped so far but there's still the draw to rolling and smoking actual cigarettes. Anybody got any words of wisdom on what actually works/doesn't?
  14. Akrigg style line at 1:09 yaaaaaas
  15. Yeaaaah you can see the line his bike was attached to at 2:38. Not taking anything away from the guy, 200m up, with a line on his bike, not even on him? Nutter.