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  1. A few clips i gathered between the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 , nothing crazy just me enjoying the bike now that shes all dialled in .
  2. hey heres my 2 cents for whatever there worth go with a 24" street trials bike , its the best of both worlds you can ride it like a bmx with a not so light gearing set up and run it brakeless , or just build it up and run it at 16 - 22 with brakes and get the best of both and really mix it up . i can say from expirence a 24 street trial bike 360s like a bmx and will rip around parks and street plazas just a good if not better , It offers up more to do different ways to do it and best of all its a lot more FUN then a bmx in my mind now . i have my 24" marino trial bike and an ns capital 24" set up for brakeless play. The ns is a little easier to throw around and i dont have to worry about rotors getting mashed when i mess up and its a bit lighter too , now switching between both is not difficult for me as there both set up with similar bar to bb heights and so on so they feel somewhat the same . my only reason for haveing the ns is i ride with mainly all bmx guys so its nice to reconnect to my bmx roots and ride with them . im not saying the trial bike cant do what the ns can but the heavyier gearing and no brakes make for a nice bike that theres really not much to break/damage on . but anyway i can say the inspired console and arcade are both seriously playful and friendly bikes so go for one of those or something like those and you will be laughing at the amount of fun you will have on them . not really sure any of this will help but i have experience on arcades/consoles/ns capitals and the marino i currently have all in my mind are great if your comeing from a trials , bmx or mtb backround . just incase you want geometry numbers heres mine for the marino bit different to the arcade but not that far off as to me they both feel good its not an easy decision so i hope you end up happy out with your choice
  3. Think I'll go with a 22-16 setup for now and see how that is . The 24-17 is something I'll have to look into another time for sure . Thanks for takeing the time to post here guys . :-)
  4. Hey everyone , This is probably one of those over asked questions but its been bugging me since i got myself a 24" . when i got the bike , the previous owner had been running a 22-14 setup and that was fine for more bmx related stuff but just made gaps a pain in the ass . and now for the last few weeks im running a 22-15 setup feels pretty good . but im thinking about running 22-16 as id like too not only ride street but also try more pure trials moves . but what im really asking before i go and buy a wide base 16t sprocket is will it be to light ?
  5. Just got my new frame and fork . what do you all think ??
  6. Hey so i finally after weeks of waiting have received the new frame and fork from Marino ! the geometry Top Tube- 587mm Head Tube- 135mm Seat Tube- 260mm BB Height- +15mm Chainstays- 363mm Wheelbase- 995mm Head-angle- 74.5 degrees The Parts List Marino Frame Marino Fork Marino headset Marino topcap Stolen F-boss seat and pivotal post System EX 35degree stem Inspired Arcade Bars Shimano XT 775 levers with Shimano M810 calipers , 203 mil rotors and sintered pads F+R Cult X Vans grips Shimano Tiarga BB Shimano SLX cranks 22T with a bent as hell chaibashring and the odd blue crank bolt Shimano Saint peddles Gusset slink halflink Superstar 16T double wide sprocket Hope Pro 2 SS/Trial rear hub Formula 15mil front with a bolt through axle from euan beaden Spank Spike35 chrome rims front and rear with polished spokes and nipples Continental tires The weather here has been absolutely terrible the last few weeks , ill try to get a video up as soon as theres a few days without rain or crazy wind . Heres the photo update for now . here is a link to other photos of the build before the shiny parts .
  7. I'll go and get a set of those so . Did not even see the slx rotors . I'd say I'll wait until I need a few things from tarty to get those trialtech pads . Thanks to everyone for your opinions and time . Pretty much have all I need now . everyone enjoy the holidays
  8. Hey First time posting anything like this so hope i posted this in the right place . if not please let me know . I recently decided to buy a new 24 inch frame and fork from Marino , so im moving from a front disc and rear hs33 to a dual disc set up . I am currently using an avid elixir up front with a 203 mil rotor . for me it feels good and locks up good , but it dose slip the odd time so i have decided to make a move to some m810 saints , and got a pair in pretty good condition no leaks . for now . That all being said i know its going to be a huge improvement in power . But what im really after is a few peoples opinions/experiences on running shimano saints with non shimano discs ( AVID hs1 203s or HOPE mono 180s as i have these at my disposal ) compared to running them with the shimano discs ( ice tec stuff ) Pad compound has a lot to do with this too so suggestions on that for use on non shimano and shimano rotors would be great . this all has to do with me not really wanting to spend 60 - 80 euro on 2 more rotors and also a little bit of information never hurts . Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thank you for your time . Stefan .
  9. if you dont mind me asking but what avid ? the raw looks sweet !
  10. lovely looking ! raw frame or silver ? and what brakes are you running ?
  11. Would you happen to know what the person had it headlined as ? just want to read up on it a bit . cant find really anything through google about it .
  12. hey not sure if this has been asked before or not . Im a little picky and hate having two different levers . i have a set of shimano slx brakes and one rear magura . i would like to run both slxs but the frame is 4 bolt only so my question is can you use a shimano disc lever on a set of slaves ? has any tried to use the hs33 slaves with a shimano disc lever or any disc lever for that matter any help would be great thank you