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  1. I'd say this would very much depend on the crank you're trying to shorten. Could you pop some pictures up of the rear of the crank? Can I also ask why you're trying to shorten them? For a youngster? Edit - pretty much everything asked above
  2. Little Sheffield ride with Flipp yesterday. More bails and fails, but a cracking day.
  3. How do, my nice steel frame had decided to take on a bit of rust over the winter, so now the nice weather is on its way I thought it was time for a spruce-up. I used this paint a few years back, but decided to play with base colours this time and ended up on jet black. It does take away the drastic colour change in the daylight, but emphasizes it at night. Anyway, here she is- Cheers all.
  4. Heavy, just over 3kg. 1065, 73 deg, +67, 377 stays (at the moment, will open up once the chains sorted itself). A lot. Mostly spent on tooling up for the job, but the T45 came to just under £300 to start with. The old mark up was between £120-180 if I remember rightly. Not great for 2-3 days work plus the design stages when your a self employed fabricator unfortunately.
  5. Yeah, sure. I used Aerocom metals - They were easily the lowest cost compared to other suppliers of T45. In terms of thickness, I over-did the downtube (38.1 x 1.6) to ensure my tube bender could handle it, but looking back, I think I could of gone down to 1.2 with no issue. The top tube/chainstays were 1.2 (22.2 dia) and bent with no hassle. I went for a pretty simple 3 piece. Worked out quite nicely and seems quite stiff at the moment.
  6. I've been wanting to build a new frame for a while now and finally started it a few weeks ago. Constructed from T45. Twin top tube for a bit of difference, which has added quite a lot to the weight, but it rides really nicely despite this. Cheers all.
  7. Hit my nose on the stem and landed badly on my ankle, but nothing serious enough to stop the day to day stuff. Little bit sore this morning though .
  8. 2 clips from Milton Keynes today. Both failed attempts I'm afraid, with one decent bail clip. Hoping to get back soon to try again.
  9. How do all, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here, so thought I'd put a few pics of the new bike up. It needed a bit of repir work when I got it due to a cracked downtube, so I took the carbon out from the dusty cupboard and had a go at getting her going again. Hopefully it will last long enough for me to find another as it's a lovely frame to ride. No best pleased with the end paint job, but it will do for now. Pretty standard spec, nothing special in terms of parts. Cheers for looking, Josh.