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  1. Hi Max, Actually, what marg26 mentioned has been on my mind; more about trackstands* and learning to fakie out of trackstands - then fakie out after a front wheel pivot when getting nearer to 180. * I can see they're fundamentally important, but generally seem to get kind of skimmed over because they're so dull. Maybe they just need to be grasped on a general level, and then you just get to practice them alongside whatever you're working on? Also been wondering about proper use of brakes, to build good habits - maybe a video covering any 'rules' for when you should/shouldn't use your brakes? For example, should I leave the rear brake off when doing a front wheel pivot, and leave the front brake off when doing a rear wheel pivot, or better to lock up all the brakes when possible, or really doesn't matter and I'm overthinking it!! Maybe any other things it's good to start doing a certain way/practice both sides/directions from the very start to avoid bad habits later, even if it makes for slightly slower learning early on. For example, do I only really need to learn to fakie out one direction? Do I need to learn 180/360 hops in both directions? Bunnyhops with either foot forward? Goes both ways - if there's really no reason for being ambidextrous for street trials (as opposed to pure trials where you seem to need skills for every situation thrown at you) since you choose the lines, it would save a lot of time learning things only one way!? Going to stop there, as I feel I'm going down the rabbit hole... :o) Definitely would like to see more of the videos where you learn something new for yourself. I think it's a fresher perspective than someone teaching something they've been doing for years and will have forgotten some of the important tips/features. I also like that about Mike Boyd's stuff. Do you think this format works for teaching someone else the basics, to throw up real-world problems and solutions? I've seen some BMX videos like that, and were very interesting, but not trials (I don't think). Cheers, George.
  2. I've recently started learning trials techniques, and found this video really helpful. I really liked the other videos on your channel as well. Although waaaaay beyond my abilities at the moment, following along as you learn a new skill and then getting your thoughts afterwards was really interesting and helpful. Have subscribed in hope of seeing more soon!