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  1. The echo pure custom build project getting there slowly al i need to complete this is a 18t screw on cog for my crancks due to mine being wrong and also a 17t instead of 18t i need soif anyonehas one forsale message me
  2. Thanks mate its slowly getting there
  3. Here we have my echo pure custom build 26 inch getting there slowly what do people think not muxh left todo now rear brake bleed and a chain and tweek few bits it be done
  4. what u mean mate
  5. Well in al onisty i cud do with longer high rize stem but ille see what its like wen have gt a front wheel on and see what it feels like better than my other stem lol its shorter and lowe ride echo one came with bike and bits al gd fun swapping amd trying different bits sourcing bits i want ect
  6. The frame is new not used the forks are new the stem is one i had from a old echo pure i had the built in headset bearings new the green spaces new brand new carbon echo bars new echo grips brand new echo front brake the echo bb is new and red echo sleves and bolts the echo cranks were used scuffed up have repainted them and the trial tech pedals are used repainted new echo green bash ring new 18t cog on front new lizard skin brand new echo green booster second hand echo green 4 bolt mount clamps the rear wheels echo rim with chris king used hub and new green single cog spacers new tyre used bube and new scewers need a 32 spoke front disk hub to build my echo sqaure cut out front rim thats new then spokes and nipples a rim tape then i can use new front tyre and tube and fit or a ful wheel if anyone has one cheap and then need a rim brake magura or echo ideally then fit chain new pads i have and am away really few tweeks wen finish the ful build
  7. This bikes cuming together slowly mostly new parts few used gd parts looking for few bits to complete the bike example Need a rear rim brake hs33 or echo rim brake if anyone gt one forsale Also cud do with a front disk wheel drilled rim with decent disk hub echo one ect let me no if u have ote i keep looking at posts for items sure they will pop up but any help would be great thanks