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  2. Theres another guy Ryan Taylor who's a BMX rider, he has to be one of the worst clickbait YouTubers ever. "ARRESTED for riding my BMX in a shopping mall". Theres honestly like 15 seconds of footage of him being "arrested" in a 20 minute video.
  3. Why has he got rid of the inspired logo's ?
  4. Aye its a fun spot.
  5. Yeah man sounds good, Im out riding most weekends, give me a shout.
  6. Cheers Ross
  8. Thanks dude.
  9. Cheers Ross
  10. Thanks dude
  11. For my first year film at college, I decided to make a short doc with Joe Urquhart, The film looks at how he got into trials and his story. Any feedback appreciated.
  12. Yh, I get that there is a risk especially with younger kids or new riders that there is chance they could crash and potentially cut themselves on a rotor. hopefully if the UCI make discs legal then maybe the skatepark will .