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  1. Please guys have a look
  2. Check out my current skills
  3. Maybe you guys will like it ,some Best spots in Chandigarh and apologize for poor English
  4. Here's my session from yesterday
  5. Lol! top Model In whole world
  6. This bike looks so yummy!
  7. Aww that's so kind of you man! Thank you so much <3
  8. Haha! Thanks mate ,I will try to message them sometime .
  9. For me it is pal, you must have tried this bike then you will know
  10. It's okay If it doesn't seems you pretty,I don't care but am more focused on tricks and skills
  11. Okay you all guys won, I lost ! Okay?
  12. Yeah I putted them later !
  13. Trail on Trials
  14. Ever had it before?