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  2. Shabbaaaa Next stop Glasgow. The Inverness boys are on toure. Who's got a garden for my tent.... haha
  3. Yes lad becoming a wee beast. The boys from Inverness will have to come through for a ride. You could give us a toure, good to see the older boys are still pushing the young ones.
  4. Really enjoyed that video, those nose hops down the stairs are a lot harder than you made it look. Your bike looks mint, nice to see not everyone has moved to BMX trials.
  5. I will need to get your number bud,
  6. Hi guys, just a few clips Iv thrown together from the passed week. I went from 20 to 26 and already feel the benefits of the bigger bike. I hope you enjoy.
  7. That's me just made an account now. Thanks Ross feels good to get back out
  8. Alright guys I'm looking for a 24" or 26" mod is just to small now. If you have a bike for sale or no anyone with one let me no thank.