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  1. Hey guys, I moved back to Worthing about 3 months ago and was wondering if there's anyone that goes out riding around here (including Brighton)? I haven't been on my bike for a about a year and a half or so and I never got that far (just about managed to hop on the back wheel) but it's something I've always wanted to get back in to as limited as I am, I really enjoy it and it bugs me that I can't do more on it
  2. Pretty much the entire river front that stretches from Aigburth, right to the Liver Buildings. Me and @Dift used to go around there and has some decent spots!
  3. Thanks for the tips guys! Maybe I should break it down and get parts of the tricks right rather than just going full on
  4. No half pedal, just throwing my weight back. Will give that a try Should I try this with the manual too? Most of the time I turn my wheel to the right and I'm right footed. I'm guessing that if I turn my wheel left that should solve it?
  5. Yeah maybe I should just spend some time falling off and getting used to where the point of no return is Ah, right make that makes sense. Adding another spacer would bring the top of the stem clamp above the steerer tube.
  6. Hey guys. Been learning since around August last year and spend a few hours most weekends out on the bike. Albeit it's not much time to really practice but I am slowly seeing improvements. But I'm struggling with general balance, back wheel hops and bunnyhops and I (think) I know exactly where I'm going wrong: General balance - My trackstand is ok, not great but good enough I think but I always seem to fall over to the left, not entirely sure why. Could it be posture? Back Wheel hops - I can get onto my back wheel from a trackstand but I have to really throw my weight back. I know this is what you're meant to do but it feels like it's just too much. So I was wondering if anyone else has had this and if it's just a learning curve? Also with the hops and balance. Because I throw my weight back 'quite a lot' I get about 2 bakwards hops before I come off and put my left foot down (leaning to the left again). Bunnyhops - My weight is too far over the handlebars and I'm just pulling up on the handlebars. Again, I know this isn't the way but because of the points above, I'm a bit hesitant to really throw my weight back whilst moving. I have two spacers under my stem, have a 3rd one but haven't got a long enough bolt to add it. Was thinking about getting riser handlebars too just to get my weight a bit towards he back. Just wondered if anyone has any tips and tricks? Or is it simply a case of practice makes perfect? I have an Onza Zoot 2011 if anyone needs/wants to know. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Cable, I'm assuming this is the grub screw? If so, I've screwed that all the way and it's still a little too far. Maybe I just have short fingers lol
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if there's a kind of hacky way of reducing the reach on the brake levers? I've fiddled about with the screws on the mounts and it's just about manageable but I'm finding I'm putting a lot of pressure on the joints between my thumb and index finger just to reach them so yeah I was just wondering if there's a way like zip ties or something? I have Shimano Deore levers if that's any help Cheers!
  9. Awesome thanks! So just go over the whole bike (chain included) with water and fairy liquid, once dried put a light oil on the chain?
  10. Pedal Bike (onza zoot)
  11. Hey guys! So my bike has been a bit unloved for a while and thinking of going over it, replacing some parts and giving it a good clean. Never really cleaned any type of bike in the past (never been a massive rider) and this may seem very obvious but I thought I'd ask and make sure anyway. But is it worth de-greasing the chain, cleaning it and then greasing it again? If so, are their any brands that you'd recommend or does any de-greaser and grease do the trick? Sorry for my very newbie question but again, thought I'd ask and make sure Cheers!
  12. Success! The torx bit worked! @Julius Czar Never heard of the easy outs til you mentioned them. Looks like they can come in handy for all sorts.
  13. Yeah in fear of tearing apart the stem I think I'll avoid that method hah. I'll see if I have a spare allen key laying around. I have a set but it's a case of ruining 1 I ruin the rest as they're all screwed together. Thanks for the help!
  14. That's why one of these will come in handy when riding
  15. Had a look at the torx bits I have and the largest one is a tiny bit too small for a good fit but thanks for the suggestion! I'm sure I know some one that has a full set of torx bits. It's half flush. The stem has a space manufactured out for the bolt to recede into it I think at the risk of scratching and/or damaging the bike I think I'll take it into my local shop and get them to do it.