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  1. Hi, I just pulled to hard when trying to get the bike on rear wheel and missed to brake + concreete was slippery, it was a combination of two. Also I tried to change the way I get on rear wheel useing more pull with my hands then my pedal kick and it went all wrong. Now I see it is wrong :(.
  2. Hi, after 2 months I learned to trackstand good, can do few hops on front wheel, 7-10 hops on rear wheel. From day one I felt every ride was improvement and that keept me going until my rear sliped and I fell from about meter and a half directly to my tailbone and than ,secondary, hit hard with my backhead right on the concreete. Helmet broken, tailbone hurted hard, for about 10 minutes so hard that I was just laying on the floor and waited for the pain to go away. Ditn't go to doctors, dont know if it is broken or not. Hurts when I am running or riding the bike. Dont hurt when walking, sitting, drive or sleeping so I think it will be okay, I hope. My motivation is down for now. I'am not sure if I could survive another tailbone impact again. Looked for some protectors but nothing seems good to me. So for now I paused everything untill I start to feel brave again.
  3. Hi, few questions after few weeks of training. When I ride i constantly hear squeaking (tak taktraktak) noise from headset. Is that something I should be concerned with? Learning, I am heavy on handlebars... Trackstanding is going fine. I can be in one place about for a minute or more. I can pedal lift fronth wheel up no problem, just cant stay in position on rear wheel. Main thing that bothers me is stem lenght and handlebar angle. In the begining handlebars were racked way forward and lot's of my weight was over front axle. In that position it was difficult to trackstand. Lifting front wheel up was no option. Then I racked handlebar back. That moved my position 2-3 cm back and it was more comfortable and easier to lift front wheel up. Is that handlebar correction okay or I need to get used to handlebars racked forward because that position is needed for advanced moves later? Below is the pic of handlebar position inside the stem and bike from the side. Originaly horizontal line was in line with the lower part of opening on the stem(between lower bolts) (in the pic is in the middle) thanks D
  4. Haha, I like red/grey more than black/grey. I had that two options :). Live looks better :). I am going now to my basement and trackstand it for a while Thanks all for help and suggestions David
  5. Today my bike arrived. After I assembled it I went for a first ride. It was very weerd. Feeling was that I was to high on my bike and unstable. In the begining I couldn't trackstand longer than on my Kona Kahuna 29er. At first it felt like it was to long. Like I wanted a shorter stem and lot of my weight was in front, above the bar or front wheel. After a while I got used to it and it was better and easier but first few minutes was a shock, compared to a XC bike. Still feel that bunnyhop is not an option for now.I have a lot of practising to do
  6. sorry I just red your previous post again where you answered my question abt pads
  7. ooo , do I need other brake pads after grind or use the ones I've got with the bike untill they are worn out?
  8. Hi, Decided to go with Echo Pure 26 (link below). I can't wait for my bike to come. https://www.trialshop.pl/en/bikes/874-echo-pure-red.html
  9. Thanks for your comments. I am still not sure which way to go . Today I will make my order. For now its 60-40 % for pure trials. Will see with Tarty's for grinding and brake pads, thanks Niconj, your blog is helpful, thanks
  10. Hi, thanks for your reply ooo , will try and go for a new bike. No second hands around here
  11. Hi all, I red all beginner questions but just cannot find my answers. I am 36 year old 6'2/3, 100kgs and want to start ride trials. As a kid I rode BMX, now I ride 29'XC. I now have kids, full time job and no time for a hobby but I can get away with 1-2 hrs/day to practice/train with my bike. I really like 24' wheels idea but I am thorn between two bikes. http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/24_inch_trials_bikes/inspired_flow_24_inch_201415/c50p13213.html http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/24_inch_trials_bikes/echo_trial_mk5/c50p11568.html One is street, other is pure trials. My idea is to go to my training spot and slowly learn all moves/ tricks and so on. I wont be riding street's or a skate parks. I am mainly drawn to pure trial moves. Is Echo more suited for beginner than Inspired, or will the learning curve be better/easyer on Inspired side or should i find cheaper bike to learn on? Echo is really nice looking... thanks for opinnions Daco P.S. sorry just seen that I accidently posted in 'how to' section