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  1. Thanks mike! Will let you know when we are next out.
  2. Yeh i am going to change the colour of the rim stickers to either red or all black
  3. Link below:
  4. thanks a lot
  5. Tried out a bit of parkour on my bike! Little video from a ride in sheffield with my brother! Would be awesome if you could check it out!
  6. thanks
  7. Little video frrom mine and mike's ride in leeds, after being kicked off the train to york. Thanks Ben
  8. Little pov video from a day when i went to Scarborough!! Link to video: Thanks Ben
  9. Went to sheffield ski village the other day, did some trials and made a video. Would be awesome if you could check it out!! Link below! Thanks Ben
  10. Finally back on the bike after 8 months! Put a little video together of one of my first rides back. Would be awesome if you could check it out! Link to video: thanks Ben.
  11. yes sorry i didn't mean to. I was meant to delete two of them but don'y know how.
  12. Little oicture from a part in my edit!! Please check out the Full edit: feedback is welcome.
  13. Picture from a while ago can't wait to ride again!! Check out my edit:
  14. Thanks it is a good place to ride!

  15. Hi I’m Ben, I’m currently injured ( had an acl reconstruction), so can’t ride for a while. I made this edit under a year ago would mean a lot if u could check it out thanks Ben link to edit: King of the Bay |Ben Burley 14 years old |street trials |inspired fourplay