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  1. I have broken Hope's 180mm adapters twice. After that I switched to 183mm version and have no any problems with it.
  2. It's local made bar named TSB (123mm rise and 2mm walls thick) and it's only sold in Russia I think. There is only an old topic with my bike, but I repainted the frame and changed some spares since that time.
  3. I'm riding on a steel 22.2 bar with a Hope AM/FR 31.8 stem with no any problem. I ordered a custom adapter, which cost literally nothing.
  4. Pro2 ratchet ring width is 8mm according Hopetech website, Pro4 - 7mm according to my measurements and it slightly protrudes. Maybe pro4 doesn't have enough turns of thread in aluminium body to hold steel ratchet ring.
  5. Did anyone have a problem with the stripped thread for ratchet ring in hub body? I have broken two hubs in less than three years. So the problem is in this hub model or am I doing something wrong? I ride street trials and use 22:16-15 ratio. Does pro2 evo have a different ratchet ring mount thread?
  6. I like G-form elbow pads
  7. Wheel was built in a workshop with a good reputation and I had no problems with it. But couple months ago spokes start loose tension to fast. I was thinking this is nipples problem and order new sapim polyax. Yesterday I got new nipples and see this when taken off rim tape.
  8. Yes, I emailed this pic to Spank. I riding on this rim about 12 months. But I used mail forwarding service for shipping from Webcyclery to my country, so I can't use warranty
  9. Hi, I noticed this cracks in all inner holes on my Spank rim on rear wheel. Does anyone have any idea why this happened?
  10. Drive side bearing in Hope bottom bracket are died Less than one month of riding and no huge drops or craches..
  11. Thanks. Yep, it was my very first ride. But after few rides it seems that chain stopped stretching.
  12. Hi, It's first time I'm building trials bike. I was choosing parts by reading this forum, so thanks everyone here. Marino frame and fork Hope headset and spacers, 70-25 FR/AM stem Inspired arcade handlebar, Propalm grips, Odi bar ends Cult Dehart tripiod seat and seatpost Saint m810 brakes, RT86 rotors Goodridge hose and Goodridge sintered pads (only rear for now but ordered it's for front too) Hope adapters and bolts Saint m810 cranks with KCNC bolts and race face boots Hope bottom bracket Inspired V2 Bashring Hope f20 pedals KMC Z610 HX Gusset Double Six Sprocket, Token lockring Hope pro 4 hubs, front with custom 15mm axle with 10mm hope bolts Spank spike race 33 rims Sapim race spokes Pillar brass nipples DMR moto dgger tyres Jitsie flipper Continental/Schwalbe tubes