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  1. Sam Pilgrim did the same, now has a Flow Plus with Maguras. And he was already pretty good on a jump bike...
  2. Yes, the air filter appears happy again.
  3. Very good actual riding!!! I don't care for the rest of the clips, and had to mute the sound. This video reminds me of why I really like Flipp's and Ben Travis' videos. They choose good music that fits their riding. The riding stays at normal speed, does not suddenly speed up or slow down, so it flows well. They don't add filler clips (why add a clip of the rider looking at a phone????)
  4. Try it on a slight uphill. Pedal up the hill, slowly come to a stop (no brakes) with your front wheel at 45 away from your strong foot. Keep your weight half on your strong foot, half on the back pedal. If you need to roll forward gently put more pressure on your front (strong) foot, just a little!
  5. Have you looked at I started about a year ago, and was initially very frustrated with track stands. What finally worked for me was leaving both brakes off, slight uphill, just using pedal/crank to roll forward and hill to roll back. It took me a long time. Also try riding extremely slowly, almost stopped, and a quick pedal up to back wheel. Use the technique on TrashZen and practice practice practice! Also try endo to back wheel to endo to back wheel..... And 2 wheel hops. All that practice of the basics gets you much better balance. Don't give, I started in my mid 50's. Progress is very slow but continuous! It's really helped my mountain bike skills & confidence on slow steep rocky technical trails, which was my original goal. Now I'm liking my trials bikes (Echo 24 & Inspired Flow Plus) as trials bikes!
  6. IMO, your videos need a higher ratio of actual trials riding. That was about 20 seconds of riding in a 2 minute video. The other 1:40 was ...... I don't know what that was. A pigeon? Holding your bike over the side of a building?? Riding up a street??? Why bother????
  7. WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!! IF YOU SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW WE'LL SEND YOU 3 MORE VIDEOS, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!! MIKE, I won't watch or like any of your new videos unless you start using case correctly. Enough with the SHOUTing.
  8. The correct use of mixed case? Practice that in your posts!
  9. That was a lot more than a bit of cheese. Like a 1" slab of blue cheese overpowering a fine Wagu burger.
  10. Why is that bike better for rocks than any of the Inspired 24 or 26 bikes? (Asks the clueless new trials rider...)
  11. There's a link in the Santa Cruz article to the bike check video.
  12. Pretty good riding! Even though I like the music, for me it didn't fit the riding (I can't explain why??) Excellent final parting scene.
  13. I'm your height, about 13 stone, and started trials about a year ago in my mid 50's. I wanted to improve my bike skills as I do a lot of Enduro style MTBing, and fatbiking in the winter (4 months of snow here in Ottawa, Canada.) The trials skills have helped a lot! I started with an Inspired Flow Plus (24) street trials, then added an Echo MK5 (24) comp style. The Flow is more similar in feel to my MTB & fatbike, except smaller in all dimensions. The MK5 is much lighter, but feels so different from the MTB & fatbike. I've never tried 20" bike, but my guess is it will feel even more different. Personally, instead of the MK5 24" I probably should have bought a 26" pure. But I'm happy with my choices. I'm going to try to learn more trials riding this summer, so I'm also going to try to get down close to 11 stone.
  14. Good trials riding on a Fatty! That last manual on pavement shows his back tire pressure is set for soft snow, probably 4 or 5 PSI.
  15. Any Ali Clarkson how to videos. And Ali's super slowmo video shows how 'easy' it is to be good: