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  1. You want a moto trials group, this one is pedal trials (bicycle.)
  2. Embrace winter.
  3. In no particular order, Duncan, Danny, Ali, Flipp, Ben. Each with their own style and strengths. They all make great riding videos, so fun to watch.
  4. 100 + 28 = 2^7
  5. Is your tire pressure too low?
  6. Looks like some sort of monitor?
  7. Yes, already confirmed it is 3 mm. But the 3 mm hex tool in my set is a bit too big or poorly 'machined', won't fit. Other 3 mm tools fit fine.
  8. Yes. This set is all metric, and shiny 'silver.' I have an imperial set that is dark.
  9. Nothing wrong with the Echo 3 mm bolt, it's my 3mm hex tool that's a bit off (too big.) :-/
  10. On an Echo TR front disc brake slave, is the bolt that holds the brake pads a 3 mm hex? Or is it a "special" bolt head? All the other Echo brake bolts appear to be hex, but this bolt head seems a little messed up. Bike is a 24" comp style Mk5. Bought it from TartyBikes 18 months ago, never had the brakes apart. I've lost some brake holding power, seems like maybe the pads are a bit glazed. Was trying to remove the pads, but the bolt wont take a hex key. 2.5 is too small, 3 wont go in. Bike has seen very little use, never in rain.
  11. Stopping power is nice, but holding power and feel/modulation is needed in trials. I opted for the Flow Plus upgraded to hydraulic disc, DB5 (only upgrade option available from Tarty in Dec 2016). All my bikes are hydraulic, except my road/CX with cable disc. The bikes with hydraulics have way better feel. Whenever I ride the road/CX I remind myself to squeeze HARD on the brakes when I really need to slow down.
  12. My attempt to add musical light humour failed, even though G is a musician. :-( Withdrawn.
  13. Why did you stop riding for 4 years?
  14. They produce and sell shin guards too, do you know about those?