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  1. Just a few clips thrown together! Recently switched from riding bmx for years and now really enjoying the whole street trials scene! Looking to get a proper edit out in the near future with some bmx inspired stuff thrown in
  2. ahhhh makes sense now. Has been slowly getting worse but if its the back of the pads against the piston i guess it will wear in eventually. I think i might put something on the back of them to lessen the creaking abit. I started to think something was loose! And yeh yours sounds even worse but aslong as it doesnt effect the braking its fine really. Thanks for your reply
  3. Got an inspired arcade recently second hand virtually brand new.. ridden a few times now and its got hope tech 3 front and rear brakes. only recently the rear brake has been making a horrible creaking sound which does my head in, any drops or gaps i do it makes a horrible creak. Anybody know what it could be? Everything is tight and all good. Looks to be the pads moving, if so is there anyway i can stop the creaking sound? Here's a vid of my friend just hopping on the back wheel showing the sound... thanks in advance BRAKE SOUND.MOV