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  1. ye ill go grab the angle grinder real quick, have those logos gone in no time
  2. Ye I can't decide weather or not to keep them and if it's worth paying 50 quid each to get those conti air king ones
  3. What's your guys opinion on tan walls, are they too old school or na ?
  4. > P I C K L E R I C K
  5. I use zee brakes on most of my bike builds, they seem to work great considering the cost and they have strong bite when set up properly, you could probably find some preowned saints off Pinkbike for cheap if you need some extra bite and stopping power but you can't really go wrong with zee's. Never owned mt5's but I think they have better modulation but not as good bite force if I remember correctly.
  6. Y'all need to up your game