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  1. I've still got the breath! Love that bike
  2. I've used syncros Pro lock ons for a couple weeks now and they've been the best grips I've had so far. Used on the mtb but put them on the breath now aswell. Thin profile, soft asf and super tacky with or without gloves
  3. +1 Heatsink yellows
  4. Any old or new trials riders keen for Sunday meets, usually meet at the Old Uni but open to new spots. Any skill level welcome
  5. So gutted I never made it!
  6. My log n breeze block! Famous!
  7. How's it going bud, I started getting arm pump a couple months back and I was constantly changing my bar angles to try different riding techniques and I thought that might have been the problem but I thought it was due to my grips in the end because they were either too big or too small to get a perfect grip on with out feeling like I was death gripping them haha. I ended up buying loads of different kinds, even ergonomic ones to try and help and eventually got a set that felt right and either my hands and arms have adjusted or the grips helped :/ so no real conclusion, but something maybe worth trying
  8. Sh!t bike... Do a trick?
  9. 600 miles a day is a bit steep for me on a daily round trip I'm afraid or I would
  10. Two can only dream! Haha
  11. Insanely good video!
  12. Thanks for reply. How much are you looking for wheel?

  13. What are the dates for the Fort William one? I haven't been there in about 10 years so would be good to go back. Biking, beers and banter sounds good to me but just found out the misses is pregnant so we would probably hotel it or something but I know some of the guys were keen anyways so I think we will make it
  14. Hi Kevin, thanks for the invite. Will try to make it to atleast fort William I think, depending on the misses situation, even if it's to watch, couldn't make all the comps anyways. We are all a bit of everything and all at different levels but hopefully will make it Thanks Chris
  15. Keeping it classy!