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  1. Trying to understand this made me smell burning wires
  2. Absolutely top notch riding well worth the price of admission some proper jaw droppers : )
  3. I've had both my doses of AZ first one I was a bit under the weather so I had a slightly earlier night and was fine after a few days on the 2nd dose just had a slightly heavy arm for about a day
  4. Some proper jaw to the floor moments : )
  5. I have experienced a few issues Firstly i was having a few skips and weird clicks under low force usually like turning etc I took it apart and pawls and lockring teeth were worn / damaged/ chipped the hub was not very old and Hope replaced the lockring and pawls on warranty Then that same lockring stripped out the hub about a 3 or 4 rides later it happened when I was putting full power down back it went and they provided a new hubshell with "extra locktite" It's been largely fine less 1 or 2 minor skips at minimal pedal pressure hor the following year or so
  6. Pressure applys force equally in all directions anyway if you have one piston moving less than the other it must be because there is more resistance in that piston
  7. Perrsonaly based on what ive read I'd have either mRna vaccines in a heartbeat less so the Oxford astrozenica one based on a primate cold virus and id definitely wary of the Russian sputnik and 2 of the Chinese vaccines based on a deactivated covid19 virus I'm also on the vitamin D but I was before all this anyways for other reasons I belive The reason things are so bad here is the pathological negligence of Alexander borris de phefiffel Johnson and his brexieer yes men and their chronic indecision
  8. How tall are you and what sort of riding experience have you got ie :bmx or mtbing etc
  9. I couldn't type a comment cos my jaw dropped so hard it knocked my phone out my hand
  10. I'd maybe get one but you should consider I've brought some merch off a relatively niche music lablel (gabberdisco) and it was quite efficient and made to order so it would get rid of the stocking issue
  11. Thought I'd post this as I'm fairly sure he not on the forum himself and this video is awesome
  12. Does anyone have experience with the kmc 810sl chains (K1SL in new money) the ones with hollow pins and plates ive ordered a bike that comes with one and the thought of it is worrying me should I swap it out straight away or is it fine to give it the usual 3 months of use ?
  13. Nice work man : ) Loving the manual to Up to fronts smooth as you like
  14. Nah man your only 1" taller than me I get on fine with my arcade I wouldn't trust a steerer extender myself new bars n stem Will see you right : )
  15. Really like the nose pick to wedge Music went well to : )