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  1. im 6.4 and love my arcade i use a slightly longer stem but it still feels good on transitions etc
  2. take the trials bike to paddly gorge near the ice cream van its like trials heaven
  3. looks like an interesting format id like to see as much of this as possible hoping there is a live stream
  4. im surprised this isnt already on here so ive copy/pasted it below Radical Bikes is a very popular and successful Bike Park near Chelmsford in Essex, that has been open to the public since 2009. We are a family-run, not for profit, Community Interest Company, running public sessions for Trials Cycling, Dirt Jumping and BMX. As Radical Bikes' popularity grew and our venue became very well known, it became necessary to have a manager living on site, to deter instances of theft, vandalism, graffiti and, most importantly, illegal entry for unauthorised and unsupervised cycling. However, despite massive support from the public, our MP, County Councillor and local neighbouring landowners, Chelmsford City Council does not consider our venue as providing a 'special circumstance' to allow this dwelling in the Green Belt. Putting this in context, the dwelling is in fact a one bedroom mobile home measuring 28' by 12'. It is a temporary, mobile structure, still sitting on its jacks, with no permanent foundation. It has not, we feel, had any detrimental impact on the Green Belt whatsoever. We have suggested that the permission only be granted whilst the Bike Park remains functioning and we have also suggested that the permission be granted for a limited period of three years, thus giving Chelmsford City Council some control over the land use going forward. However, both conditions were not agreed by Chelmsford City Council and we were refused planning permission. We were devastated and are therefore now having to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to allow our manager’s mobile home to remain in place. It is no exaggeration to say that Radical Bikes Bike Park will have to CLOSE if we cannot keep the venue and its users safe and secure. No amount of high fencing, CCTV cameras and alarms will save injury (or worse) to an intruder who may use our obstacles in a dangerous manner. Supervision has to be on site and actions have to be immediate. This is our duty of care. We cannot and will not supervise the venue remotely. The loss of Radical Bikes would be devastating, not only to our family (who have built this cycling community up from scratch), but also to the many hundreds of cyclists who visit regularly, some of whom have been coming to see us for almost 10 years now. We are a COMMUNITY, with a shared common aim - to have fun on our bikes. Along side the fun, our riders grow in confidence, their fitness and stamina levels improve, they make new friends, their mental well being improves and they enjoy a safe space in a world where, sadly, such spaces are increasingly needed. With worryingly high instances of knife crime and gang culture in the news these days, Radical Bikes is a safe, supervised place where young people can feel secure, valued and welcomed. Please sign this petition to show your support of what we do and to show that you feel we should be seen as an ‘exceptional circumstance’ to allow this small manager's mobile home to be sited on Green Belt Land. Thank you very much! follow the link below
  5. Looking good Where can I get those stickers from though : )
  6. im 6'4" and i use a 120 x 35 stem on my arcade im not doing tailwhips or barspins though just more trialsey bits really
  7. i really enjoyed my 24"ers an echo and a Neon having ridden bmxs for years and finding a mod a bit too small and not wanting a 26 because id not ridden one for like 15 odd years and it seemed a bit too far out my comfort zone but when the neon broke after 6 months (im 6,4 and not smooth at all btw) i couldn't see a replacement for it i liked so i went in a different direction still got all my parts though so might get another frame if one comes along i like
  8. it is a Stagg blaxx looper its pretty basic ie: only 1 button / loop (unlike those fancy pants multi loop line6 / digitech ones) but its fun to jam along to yourself at the moment i am 1 psu short of being able to use the pitch shiftier / harmonizer at the same time in front of it but thats gonna be good when it gets here
  9. no new Guitars for me but i did get a simple looper pedal for my birthday and that sure is a lot of fun i would seriously recommend one
  10. its still there at the moment the housing is still in the planning phase i believe some work has been done but its limited to some polythene type material about 1 foot tall at the moment get there while you still can it would help for the longterm if some one could release a load of rare newts and bats there
  11. Fight crime in the outlying villages and er get in the bins I guess?
  12. Sounds like this is gonna either make you Ill or give you super powers
  13. i ride after work at the university campus i work at in the week at weekends i usually drive about 45 mins to meet up and ride with people there are also some rocks and blocks 5 mins from my house i hit up if im going out for a quick blast but 90% of those rocks are slippery this time of year so not been there in ages
  14. that gearing fine if a little physically large my 24" street trials bike is 22 x 16 = 1.375 and my 24" pure trials bike was 18 x 14 = 1.285
  15. the larger holes of the trials rotors provide more initial bite and larger diameter discs give more power the 425 would be better as long as the head angle doesnt end up too steep