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  1. Some proper jaw to the floor moments : )
  2. I have experienced a few issues Firstly i was having a few skips and weird clicks under low force usually like turning etc I took it apart and pawls and lockring teeth were worn / damaged/ chipped the hub was not very old and Hope replaced the lockring and pawls on warranty Then that same lockring stripped out the hub about a 3 or 4 rides later it happened when I was putting full power down back it went and they provided a new hubshell with "extra locktite" It's been largely fine less 1 or 2 minor skips at minimal pedal pressure hor the following year or so
  3. Pressure applys force equally in all directions anyway if you have one piston moving less than the other it must be because there is more resistance in that piston
  4. Perrsonaly based on what ive read I'd have either mRna vaccines in a heartbeat less so the Oxford astrozenica one based on a primate cold virus and id definitely wary of the Russian sputnik and 2 of the Chinese vaccines based on a deactivated covid19 virus I'm also on the vitamin D but I was before all this anyways for other reasons I belive The reason things are so bad here is the pathological negligence of Alexander borris de phefiffel Johnson and his brexieer yes men and their chronic indecision
  5. How tall are you and what sort of riding experience have you got ie :bmx or mtbing etc
  6. I couldn't type a comment cos my jaw dropped so hard it knocked my phone out my hand
  7. I'd maybe get one but you should consider I've brought some merch off a relatively niche music lablel (gabberdisco) and it was quite efficient and made to order so it would get rid of the stocking issue
  8. Thought I'd post this as I'm fairly sure he not on the forum himself and this video is awesome
  9. Does anyone have experience with the kmc 810sl chains (K1SL in new money) the ones with hollow pins and plates ive ordered a bike that comes with one and the thought of it is worrying me should I swap it out straight away or is it fine to give it the usual 3 months of use ?
  10. Nice work man : ) Loving the manual to Up to fronts smooth as you like
  11. Nah man your only 1" taller than me I get on fine with my arcade I wouldn't trust a steerer extender myself new bars n stem Will see you right : )
  12. Really like the nose pick to wedge Music went well to : )
  13. The saga of the entry level bike deal When I got back in to trials I got myself a sweet deal on a Tpro with 2 16t freeweels fitted : )
  14. Only happened to me when I used a hub with m6 bolts never with my hope hub it might be worth seeing if theres any paint in the serrated washers on the inside of the dropouts that could help also might be counter intuitive but have you tried only using a tug on the drive side
  15. They wont mention an axle length as BMX worked out its standard dimensions many years ago those khe cranks look like a 48 spine so a longer profile axle may well fit but I do not think youd be hindered by a 175mm crank arm if you can afford it the arcade cranks ate really good if a lil heavy I got a sweet deal on some sram gx eagles and saved some grams I'd recommend 22/16 not sure if anyone uses 22/15 nowadays imo it would be too heavy on the pedals to be any good for static or short run up stuff
  16. In theory you could but there may be some issues a 22t sprocket is 3&3/4" diameter and a 25t is 4&1/8" looks like there not enough clearance on my arcade it looks like theres bout a 1/4" between the sprocket and frame The arcade cranks have a 6&5/8" axle bmx cranks are 5&7/8" I belive profile do make longer axles not sure bout odyssey As for gearing 25 /18 (1.388 ratio) would be marginally heavier than 22/16 (1.375 ratio) which is heavy already compared to trialsy trials bikes (24" 18/14 =1.285 ratio) combine that with shorter cranks as well may well be too hard a gearing for static stuff If money is no object profile could be the way to go the do micro drive crank bosses on some of there cranks and make a mtb sized axle ti axles available to but that's like £300 + Measurements from the parts graveyard that is my garage so some may be a bit off as it's all bolted together
  17. I had a pro4 do this it was just after (like 2 rides after) the ratchet ring had been replaced by hope cos the pawls had chipped and mangled the ratchet ring teeth they changed the hub shell for me my hub sometimes misses a tooth / skips under low load like when I set up for something as opposed to putting the power (of which I havent much of) down As for the thread on a 2 vs a 4 the ratchet ring is a larger diameter on a 4 I belive so they can put more teeth in there
  18. Its because they are knuckle dragging stupid racists c**ts
  19. I dont have experience with exteionnpotental but I do have an arcade and it's the best put together most well designed frame ive owned and I've had a lot of steel bmx frames in my time from standard s&m kink (when they were made in NY) etc the arcade tops these in terms of quality
  20. Some really nice lines and definitely some things I wasnt expecting : )
  21. So it from the looks crewkerz are testing out a street trials bike looks weird to me with that seat so high above the tt/seat stays
  22. For me if the clip cuts just after they side hop up something or the moment they land I dont think that they really landed it not properly anyways
  23. Not tried em but I've seen the ones you mean They look nice but not very useful unless your in Japan though : )
  24. In the name of love ?
  25. Too short for me any ways