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  1. I can't jump the hex for toffee!
  2. I can't jump the hex for toffee!
  3. I currently have an inspired hex for trials and a Stanton slackline for street, pump tracks and Mtb trails. the slackline is a bit slow for xc duties and I don't use the hex than much as it's a bitch to pedal anywhere. so I'm thinking about getting an xc bike and then something for trials that I can also jump. im thinking lighter than the slackline and with a shorter fork, 4x bike maybe? any ideas?
  4. I think i want one! anyone fancy a swap for my HEX?
  5. your gonna have to put some videos up!
  6. your gonna have to put some videos up!
  7. I'm also 36 and just getting in to trials! although I've been riding bmx and then Mtb since 1992 so have some skills to work with. Like daco I went for a 26" although I've gone for a inspired hex street trial, which has a fairly short stem as I want to learn stuff on the trials bike before taking in it to my Mtb. going well so far although it hurts my elbows
  8. That is the nicest looking trials bike I've seen. Well done. How long is very long?
  9. Good times ! If anyone wants one I'm happy to sell them one cheaply (they belong to the shop I work at) in other news the frame I brought has a cross threaded bb so fingers crossed I can re-tap it
  10. A quick search reveals I don't have the 14 which is good news! not sure what ages these are, hopefully the good ones as I have 6 of them!
  11. Thanks chaps. Although I've been a mtber since 1992 and worked in the industry for the last 8 years I haven't met any trials riders so it really helpful to get pointed in the right direction from the people in the know. The bike I'm building has mostly XC parts which I know aren't the best for trials but I want to keep things cheap before I know if I like it or not and I have accumulated masses of parts over the years. oh and that leads me on to another question. Magura hs33s, I have the latest ones but also a few sets from the race line era, I've gone with the newer due to the lever being a closer match to the Magura disc brake I'll be running but the older ones look much tougher, any opinions ?
  12. had a rummage and sadly there aren't any here I'm gonna try the baron and see how it goes, maybe ill give it a trim
  13. anything better? I had assumed trials bikes would use similar treads to a jump bike
  14. Building up my first trials bike which is a inspired Hex 26. it will be mostly used on concrete but also a bit of woodland hopping and im unsure of tyre choice, but lucky for me I have a good pool of tyres to choice from as all my mtb buddies have gone 27.5 So the choices are Conti Baron 2.3 black chili Cont Xking 2.4 tubeless Maxxis larsen maxxis high roller 2.35 nobby nics 2.4 (although they come up huge) loads of other random tyres. Im not really sure what i'm looking for, i would guess stiff sidewalls and sticky compounds would be good Any suggestions would be great
  15. If I was you I would be out on skis/snowboard playing in the snow but maybe the novety has wore off for you by now!