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  1. I’m checking YouTube on the daily for this
  2. I would perceive with it.trials is hard and the skills won’t come overnight
  3. Blacked out the zoot. Fitted a new bb, the unidentifed forks and a black headset. I’m really enjoying learning stuff on it, as it it’s like a bmx and I’ve been pushing the bars out front to learn trails moves
  4. Looks like a great deal for £100 and it will be a fun bike. Have fun hopping about
  5. I had a Vitus Sommet and it was a really fun bike and the secondhand prices are really good
  6. Once my elbows stop hurting I’ll name one
  7. Could any of you fine people help me. I’m learning the trials basics. But the thing I’m struggling with what I thought would be a fairly simple maneuver. i can pedal hop forwards on to a ledge and land on my rear wheel but it then drops. It it a case of needed to commitment and sitting back in to it more? Also should I be doing the pedal hop with my wrong foot forward? thanks in advance
  8. Looks really tidy
  9. Thanks. I’ve ordered an echo sl 108
  10. Anyone used the halo/viz/RockMan and have an opinion on them? Currently have a onza 30 click and I would like something a bit faster to engage. i do have a token freewheel on a town bike I could use if anyone knows anything about them. I’m not sure it will be up to trials abuse
  11. Ha, they sound like a real quality piece of kit i think there are a few pairs of fatty forks at work so I’ll pinch a set of them if I decide to change
  12. They are near identical to a Cannondale fatty fork with the exception of Magura mounts. They even have have mudguard eyelets so it looks like a mass produced, multi use thing
  13. No, a used one so it could of been anything
  14. Are they not? I assumed they were as they came on a hex
  15. Zooted