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  1. Cool I shall keep the brakes then, thought that may be the case. Why lose the spacers? Really? Scrap it? Or use it as a donar bike for a better 20" frame?
  2. May have read recently that I'm new to this and heatley 30. Well I bought an onza t bird in the thought this is what I should be using etc well I have now also bought a 26" echo which is almost a third of the weight and I feel a lot more balanced on it. I'm 5"9 ish, what would you guys recomend? Should I keep both? Is Magura a better brand of brakes to have over the echo ones? Should I put a crank guard on?
  3. That's right, I'm new and nearly 30. Hardly slender and hardly fit. Have always wanted a trials bike, enjoy my road bike, downhill bikes and restoring an old Raleigh bike. Had a result on an on a t bird for a £20 advertised locally. Collected and £30 of parts later and I have a cool bike all working with nice megura brakes! Only problem is (sure you've heard it before) but what and where do I start on learning on how to actually use it? Should I look at a 26"? Am thinking of another bike to the collection? Am loving playing in the garden! I want to hop on the back wheel. It's like a life long dream. Any advice/ Critism is welcome!