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  1. Hey guys! I've been riding enduro for just about 2 Years now and Im loving it. But since Im living in a city I also like to ride around town with my bike, doing few easy tricks and hopping around - just having fun. I kind of want to get more "professional" with streetbiking / "line orientated trials biking" if you want to say it like that. What I mean is that I dont want to simply ride trials but also be able to be a bit more flexible... Well anyways since I cant really aford a streetbike/trialsbike Im wondering if a dirt bike would be good for what Im trying to do. Since my mate is selling his for pretty cheap (round 250 Euros) I wanted to know your opinion on that bike. also do you think I could do a bit of trialing with this bike (maybe if I build in a different handle bar) greetings anton