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  1. Yeah man, sounds good, I'm keen as hell to ride with some one and learn more. I am very much at beginner level but would be awesome to ride with you!!
  2. Alright gleeface, I'm in leeds, Pudsey, where abouts in leeds are you. Im 33 n quite new to it, been trying to see if there's any riders near me to ride with... I imagine it would help massively riding with others!!
  3. Hey, just wondering if theres anyone riding round leeds on here and if so where do u go??
  4. Hi guys/gals! Probably the most asked question on this forum, but still here goes... Im after a bit of advice as to which bike to get. Currently got a fourplay which im learning on and love riding, but theres a voice in the back of my mind telling me to get a pure trials bike and get over to ilkey n do some real pure trials...Bearing in mind im just over 15st (not fat, previous gym addict, though i am planning on losing some this year). Been looking at the jitsie varial 1085, looks sweet, any advice welcome!